You have The Now...The Present...Live in this Moment. What has been, has been. It is was an experience. What is to come, is to come. Let this moment be what creates your next moment. Those sound like challenging words. We are taught to look at what we have experienced and judge the experience, ourselves and all that participated in the experience.  If you are reading this, it may be time to let go of that training and….

  • Step to this moment
  • Allow the emotion you feel now
  • If you look backwards at what was, do so with the intent of learning from the experience without any judgment
  • Breath back into this moment
  • Hold love and for yourself
  • Breath into this moment
  • Feel yourself free of the emotion
  • Be happy with you as you are
  • Step forward to the next moment….you do not know exactly what you will find there but, you will know that you have created it free of old judgments and pain.

DLS_4743webLike so many other people I spent a very large part of my life doing my best to be what other people thought I should be.  I was not living life, I was performing in life.  This left me empty, unhappy, and always feeling as if I was not good enough or that I had failed someone.

For me, it was a long daunting journey to finally come to understand that I was o.k. being me.  Yes, I finally understood that there was no way that I could ever please anyone else.  That was being their projection, not who I was nor who I am.  Your journey does not have to be so long nor so daunting.  You are taking the steps now with the support of many.    IMG_2733       IMG_2794

The journey to claiming yourself is a worthwhile journey.  The journey to be you, is a journey that takes you to the destination you deserve and that is loving yourself.  Once you love who you are as you are, you will find that yes, some people fall away while others stay by your side.  You will also attract in new people who love you as you are.  Your life will change.  You will find more positive experiences come your way.  You will also find that you now understand that you deserve these positive experiences.

It is good to understand that not everyone who falls away will stay gone, some come back.  When this happens, you have a stronger relationship than you had before.  The reason it is stronger is, you are centered in you.  You are showing your true self, not a reflection of what you believe they wanted you to be.

There are two weeks until the Hawaiian Experience Retreat.  I realize that some people may not view this as enough time to prepare.  Yet, if you are meant to be there, the preparation is already in place.  It is a matter of trusting.

This retreat is about self-love, self-claiming, and self-empowerment.  This is Vickie and my second retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The first one was pure magic.   Each day was an experience of growth, love, and enjoyment.  You may visit www.cherrydivine.com to read more about the retreat.

We have two spaces left so, if you have entertained the idea of coming along with us, this is the time to do it!  Contact Vickie Pruitt at 541.990.7301 or email her at rasanifair@gmail.com.   Ask about the how to receive the price for the early bird sign up.  It is time for you to fully embrace and love you.

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Cancellations must occur 24 hours prior to the appointment or you are responsible for the entire charge.Announcements:
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Being Present and Creating New

It is interesting that we attract new people into our lives with the intention of having a new experience.  Yet, when the new people enter, in record time we place them into the role someone else has played in our life.  What is even more interesting is, we are not aware of doing this because we have convinced ourselves our reactions are justified due to outdated alarms going off in our heads telling us we must protect ourselves.

This saying has been replaying in my mind lately, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", I can easily see that we cannot create anything new by projecting onto another our thoughts, feelings and reactions that came from the result of a different person or a different time in our lives. 

Part of the spiritual walk is to be willing to look at ourselves with as much honesty as possible so, that we may let go of what no longer serves us.  With each step we take in life we have come to a place of a new understanding if we are willing to see this.  That means looking at ourselves and others with patience, tolerance, and compassion.   It’s also important to remember with self-care and self-love, we become more accepting and loving towards ourselves and others.

 A few indications the old patterns are in control of your life and not you:

  • Starting any thought or sentence with, “This always happens” or “You always do” Nothing always happens the same and no one always does the same thing.This type of thought is a defense mechanism that shuts you off and shuts the other person out.Nothing new can come into your life by holding this thought.

When you feel yourself going there or having gone there, take a break and think for a moment about the situation.  Remind yourself this is a new person who has a completely different life experience than you have.   Ask yourself where the need to shut down and block the other person is coming from.   As you do this, you may find that another person or event from earlier comes into your mind that has nothing to do with the person you are with now.  Make a mental note to be present with the person you are with, do not project onto them and later go back to that earlier time so, that you may heal the emotional wound.

  • The conversation has moved forward in a direction that adds understanding to the issue, and you agree with the direction of the conversation yet, you reach back to the earlier issue that was cleared up, not letting go of it like a dog shaking the life out of an old chew toy.

This may be the part of you that felt powerless at an earlier time in your life that still needs to be recognized as being right so, that you feel as if you have won.  There is not necessarily winning in a discussion with a person.  There is understanding and coming to comprehension of how the other person views the situation.  There is no losing for either person when this is done.  There is only coming to more closeness as each person’s view it acknowledged which allows for compromise. 

  • You do not listen to the words the other person is saying or discount everything they say. The ego is in control at this point not the heart. Take a breath and move out of the ego and into the heart.
  •  You start acting childish. This happens because the adult self is not there.The issues of the child self-have not been resolved. 

There are many more indicators yet, it is best to start with only a few so, you don’t become overwhelmed.

A short checklist that assist you in seeing your patterns:

  • Is the current situation the main upset or did the situation trigger an earlier memory of an upsetting time?
  • Are you being present and listening to the person speaking to you?
  • Are you only willing to argue or make the other person wrong?
  • Are you reacting without allowing understanding?
  • Are you belittling, berating, or otherwise dishonoring the other person?
  • Do you feel the need to put up defensive barriers?
  • Are you placing yourself in the role of the victim?
  • Are you wanting to win without regard to the person or the actual issue?

These are only a few questions that allow you to check in on your motives. 

A short list to assist in creating a new positive outcome:

  • Remind yourself by having a disagreement neither person is wrong, you are only seeing things from a different viewpoint.
  • Can you grow emotionally or spiritually by hearing the other persons point of view?
  • Compromise with each party allows a solution where everyone benefits.
  • Allowing each person to speak while the other agrees to listen without preconceived ideas or projections.
  • What positive outcome do you want to occur from this?
  • How can you help that happen?
  • Are you in your heart or in your ego?
  • What does this person add to your life?
  • What are their positive attributes?
  • Revisit your childhood issues with love

Again, this is only a short list of the many questions you can ask yourself to create a better outcome.  You are the creator of your life.   Do you want to create the same old, same old or something new and better?  Where you apply your energy will attract in the end results. 

Many blessings.......Cherry

As I read the headlines, I said a little prayer and asked my ‘Group’ to help me understand what was happening and to assist us in this time of unrest.  As soon as I said this prayer the word ‘juxtaposition” was whispered through my mind not once but, three times.

As I wondered why this word is the one that came in after my prayer, I decided to go to the dictionary and look up its meaning.  Here is the definition:

  1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
  2. the state of being close together or side by side.

As I read the definition visions began moving through my mind.  These images were of the world leaders arguing among themselves, threatening missiles, damage, and war.  I did not see just the leaders, I saw the masses agreeing to putting up walls to keep people out, dividing and killing over religious beliefs, claiming supremacy due to race and on and on it went in my mind until I felt a bit sick to my stomach.

All were acting like small children over what they believed they own or want to own.  The tit for tat in their behavior.  Small children throwing temper tantrums.  All without concern for the affects their actions will have on Earth or the life that inhabits it.

My mind instantly refocused to the most current events that many people are facing, Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Jose. In detail scenes of evacuations, rescues and the people who returned to their homes to find there was no home to return to.  The wild fires blazed through my mind.  Again, mass evacuations, people in a state of fear for the animals and homes they had to leave behind.

The difference between these events is the reaction and actions of people.  One stayed at the basest of the human ego, pushing for destruction.  The other brought union.  There was no division due race, religion, politics, or social status, there was only person after person coming together to help those in need.  People leaving the comfort of their homes as they raced to these sites, rolled up their sleeves and dug through the rubble with the intention of giving someone hope that life as they knew it could be restored.  No sleep, sharing the little food and water that was there with others along with holding those that grieved their losses.  Eyes that felt compassion, voices that consoled, once again hearts that had opened.

Our daily lives are filled with these same contrasts.  They may seem smaller in comparison and much more personal yet, they are adding to the whole.  In other words, we are creating our realities.  Possibly now is the time to choose to love ourselves along with all life completely.   As we do this, we can change the outer reality to one of love, peace, and harmony.

A suggestion for adding love, harmony, and beauty into the world is: First remember your world starts with you and moves outward.  Start your day with a meditation in which you focus first on self-love and acceptance.  As you feel this, send love and acceptance out into the world.  Visualize peace within yourself, until you feel calm and comfortable in your own skin.  Let your mind wander out seeing the world at large.  As you do this, visualize peace for mankind.  

 It is important to remember as you envision, feel, and believe you add energy into mass consciousness.  If you see separation for yourself for reasons of race, religion, political group, or nation, you add that belief of separation into the physical reality.  See the world united in love.  This may not seem like much but, it is in truth immense and touches the whole. 



I am/we are a perfect expression of perfect LOVE here and now…..Richard Bach

I was in a mall in Yakima Washington when I bought my first copy of ‘Illusions:  The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”.  As I came out of the bookstore I looked for a bench to sit on.  No bench in sight, I perched myself on the masonry that surrounded the flowers in front of a store, leaned my back against the wall and began losing myself in the mastery of this small book.

Illusions touched a chord of awareness that lived inside of me.  After reading Illusions I began looking at life in a different way.  Questioning what was accepted as truth and asked if it really was true?   Then I would get entrenched in what I considered life, becoming the sleep walker in the dream once again as I forgot to question what I was accepting.

When I felt small and helpless in the illusion of my life, this book with the blue feather on its front cover would re-appear for me to read once more.  Each time I read this book I would move out of the complacency I was in and back into being a questioner not quite realizing that I was actively creating my life.  That knowledge would come at a later time.  Over the years, I have had and given away many copies of this very insightful book.

Here recently a dear friend of mine asked me if I had read Illusions II?  There was an Illusions II?  Well no! I had not read it so, I ordered it immediately.   I am now in the process of reading another Richard Bach writing that brings not only my brain to life, my heart re-awakens too.  A sweet reminder for me to question what I have lived and why I have chosen to live it.  To wonder why I have drawn to me certain lessons, their relevance and purpose of these lessons in my life.   Yet, most importantly the writings remind me to question what I have believed, which allows me the freedom to discard or move past the experiences that I have outgrown.

The teachers for our life lessons come in many forms.  Sometimes a simple writing, sometimes it may be a person or an experience that wakes us from our slumber so, that we may question and create our dreams.  If we never question we stay sleep walkers in life.  We keep the knowledge of being the Creators and choosers of our life path buried inside.  Without this knowledge we feel as if we have no choice but to be carried away in the current we have been told is life.

This is a powerful time of awakening.  As you attract to you those things that make you look inside don’t shut them down in fear.  Instead allow yourself to question.  Why did I choose this?  How has it assisted me?  Is it still assisting me?  What fear keeps me from letting this go?  What would I prefer in my life?  How do I create it?  Who do I ask for help?  Why do I not allow myself to ask for this help?   Remember, this is an amazing journey of your design not something that is just happening to you.

Thank you so much Andrea for this wonderful testimonial of the Hawaiian Experience Retreat.  It was a joy and an honor to co-host this amazing event.....Cherry

I took part in Cherry and Vickie’s Hawaii Experience retreat on the Big Island in late January/early February 2017, and wow, what an experience it was!  Actually it was a whole series of totally amazing experiences.

Vickie provided us with a wealth of information about our astrological charts, which she prepared for each participant.  She gave us the tools to understand the various aspects of our charts and answered a lot of questions I’d had about astrology.  Her seminar on essential oils was extremely informative, and I really enjoyed learning the TRE relaxation techniques, which I am continuing to use.

Cherry’s channeled messages always amaze and inspire me.  I can’t easily describe Cherry’s gift of channeling “The Ancients,” but I can describe the benefits I’ve received from them:  greater levels of understanding; deeper insights into my own actions/reactions and those of others; relief from stress and fear; and both receiving and expressing profound love and joy. 

In addition to Cherry’s insights which focus on our inner lives, her messages also call our attention to the magic that surrounds us in the world.  That magic was on full display during our trip to Hawaii.  We experienced amazing interactions with whales, dolphins, turtles, and the Earth herself.  Several times during our trip, local people told us that what we were experiencing was very unusual.  Twice I encountered whales who came closer to shore than they usually do, directly in front of me.  When some of us went snorkeling, several pods of dolphins converged to accompany the group.  Our visit to Kilauea Crater in Volcanoes National Park proved to be particularly magical.  A ranger told us that the lava would be way too low in the crater for us to see.  Then Cherry gathered us together, called to the Goddess Pele, and lava began to dance high above the rim of the crater.  When Cherry dispersed the group, the lava subsided again below the crater rim.  I felt so very privileged to have been a part of that -- and part of the entire trip.

Even the weather cooperated beautifully.  On the “wet” side of the Big Island, we had only a couple light showers the first two days, then no rain for the rest of our ten-day stay.  People kept saying how unusual that was, too!

There were seven of us on our Hawaii trip.  It’s not easy getting seven women to agree on, well, pretty much anything, but Cherry and Vickie did a great job making sure that everyone felt very welcome and included, and that everyone’s needs were taken care of.  They also demonstrated a perfect degree of flexibility, going with the flow and adjusting our schedule as events unfolded.  The accommodations that Vickie found for us (two adjacent Airbnb houses) were very comfortable, and fit our needs perfectly.  She handled all the trip logistics very professionally, without a hitch.  We had time for sightseeing, shopping and exploring nearby beaches, in addition to our various sessions with Cherry and Vickie.

I had an absolutely fantastic time on the Hawaii retreat, beginning to end.  I am now planning to attend Cherry and Vickie’s Mount Shasta retreat in June, and look forward to more retreats after that.


Seattle, WA


This has been quite the beginning to a new year.  It is my hope that each person stay present, visualize the life they want to live and send love out into the world.  In this way, we can create and co-create a world filled with love, tolerance, acceptance and understanding.  A world filled with magic.It has been a bit since we returned from our retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Each day I have sat at the computer with the intention of writing of the magic that filled the nine days we were on the island.  The words have escaped me until now.   DLS_4743webFrom day one it was apparent Spirit had Divinely choreographed each step of our journey.  Even though we were coming in from several states and flying in on different airlines, we all arrived in the Honolulu airport within a short time of each other.  This allowed us time to do a little planning for the meet up at the Hilo airport, which was the finale stop before making our way to the houses.

It didn’t tGroup photo with heartake any of us long to understand that it was not happenstance the people gathered together for the retreat were meant to be there.  Each person, along with the energy they carried added to this magnificent group in a way that was unique to them and beneficial for all.  Each person’s lessons and journey into their own awareness enhanced the total experience.

In a newsletter there is no way to go into detail of all that took place.  We started our mornings with the warmth of the sun, tropical fragrances waking our senses, and the lushness of the land.  In the evening we looked at the brilliant stars and were serenaded by the songs of the frogs.  We saw the Angel numbers 444 at least four times each day.  When we were to go somewhere everything flowed perfectly along with parking spaces that opened for us even in the most crowded of parking lots.

IMG_2794While kayaking, the dolphins swam around us. It was at this time I got into the water. As I peered through the face mask into the depth of the ocean a mother and her pup swam in front of me.  As I watched the two go out of sight a male came gliding by just a few feet from me.  As with the mother, when the male passed me, we made direct eye contact. A moment of pure energy and blessings.  I felt myself pulled to the vibration of the mystical lands of Lemuria.  As I stayed in the water, dolphins swam circles around our kayaks.  While snorkeling in a different area several of our group swam with more than fifty dolphins.  Oh the MAGIC!


Pele blessed us with “The Dance of Fire” on a day one of the park rangers said we would not be able to see the lava from the observatory.  Pele’ sent me a message to gather the Seven Sistah’s.  As we gathered I felt a large ball of energy in front of my heart chakra.  I could feel it grow and as this happened, I/we watched the lava begin to rise from the crater and begin “The Dance of Fire”.  When we stepped away our group noticed the lava began to lower and go out of view.  What a wonderful gift Pele gave to us.

It wasn’t just these blessings that were the magic the retreat held.  This retreat focused on releasing out dated programs and patterns that were of use no longer in each person’s life.  Through the channeled messages, meditations, the healing tools of T.R.E and support of the doTerra essences, the group began to understand more of themselves, let go of what served them no longer with all of this allowing each person to love, accept and claim themselves more fully.  Through the retreat the group not only found the magic of who they are, they also saw how their magic affected the world outside of them.

There were times we separated into different groups and went to various areas.  What I found when this happened was that my Group had messages that were pertinent to whoever I was with.  There was no set area when this happened, we were always where we were meant to be.  My Group brought in messages through the landscape we were visiting, the air and everything else that was around us.  By doing this, my Group reminded each person of the Sacredness of all of Earth and of all of life.  I felt so blessed to be a part of this.  It was with a bit of sadness yet, a walking forward we came home more empowered and more aware.


Special Offer:  One hour session regularly $130 receive $10 off now through March 1st. 

Many blessings.......


Today is not only the beginning of a new year, 2017 in numerology is a one.  2+0+1+7=10.  1+0=1.  Ones mark new beginnings.  Today is a great day for reflecting on what came to completion in 2016.  This would not have happened over night.  It was a steady walk through your individual process.  Today is also a great day to set in place what you would like to create and experience as you move forward.

To understand where you are in your process, is to look at who and what you have attracted into your life.  There are no accidents.  As you step into your awareness you come to understand that everything in your life is there because you have attracted it to you.  With awareness comes the knowledge you design and create the adventures you are experiencing.  Each step on your path has brought you information that assists you in your process of creating.

If you are filled with love and joy with all that is around you, wonderful!  If what is around you does not bring you joy and love well, that is wonderful too.  You may wonder why this would be wonderful.  Simple.  You can look at what is in your life, see how the person, place or thing supports a belief that you hold and allow that belief to continue to develop and create positively or look at the belief, find the pattern, dismantle the pattern by coming to understand it so, that you may create something different.

Here are a few examples:


If you are saying you want a loving relationship whether this is a romantic one or with family and others, does not matter.  Look at the people in your life.  Are the people representing what you say you want?  Are they loving or aloof?  Do they honor and support themselves or are they sabotaging their lives?  Do they set loving boundaries along with honoring other’s boundaries?  What bothers you about those closest to you?  What do you love about them?

As you are look at the people in your life, reviewing what you call negatives and positives see where these attributes live inside of you.  There are those attributes you will feel do not belong to you.  This is very well the case.  You may have attracted these people in so that you would look at your belief in what you deserve.  How have you held a belief that supports what others are projecting?  The more intensely we respond to a person, the stronger our lesson.

To create loving and healthy relationships begins with having a healthy and loving relationship with you. It is time to become your own best friend.  Acknowledge what you add to this world, praise yourself as you accomplish your goals, and look in the mirror and compliment yourself.  If you are having trouble doing this, be around loving people.  They will love you until you can love yourself.


When thinking of your body and striving for better health how do you support this?  Are you eating in a way that supports the body?  Do you see the foods you put into your body as matching the vibration of health?  Are you giving your body exercise?  Do you talk to your body in positive ways that support you or do you berate yourself because you see your body as imperfect?  Positive talk assist in creating health.

Statements such as, everything that I eat vibrates at the level of perfect health.  I have a strong vital body.  I love to exercise and feel my body come alive.  I am a very healthy person.  My body reflects perfect health.

It may seem odd but, in many ways your body responds to the commands that you give it.  These commands come in the form or your thoughts, not just your words.   If there is an illness going on in your body allow yourself to go into the affected area so, that you may find the origin and information the illness brings you.  Do your best to stay away from reinforcing any dis-ease.


What does your job or career reflect in your life?  Are you happy with what you are doing?  Does your work support who you are and what you want in your life?  Do you see the best in the position you have or do you only see what you do not like that is there?
If your career is not what you want or where you want it to be, look at it in the same manner as relationships.  How does it support outworn belief systems and patterns?  Where do you not believe your capable of having more?  Where are you not allowing yourself to create a better work environment?

To create different is to first see the positives of what you have.  See the impact you have on those around you and them on you.  Praise yourself for the work you are doing.  Create time to add to your skill set.  Ask what your passion is and how you may manifest this as employment.  Are you holding onto what you have out of a sense of obligation created by words and teachings from those who were in your family and the environment around you as you grew up?

To create change in your life is to remember you are the creator of your life.  The more you become aware of the outdated dialogues, teachings, programs, and training's that run in the background of your mind, the sooner you can disengage from these and begin to create a new way.  Look at your life without judgment, be grateful for what you have and be willing to put in place something new.

You are not doing this alone.  You have many supporters on the physical and non-physical levels.  Ask your Angels and Guides for their assistance.  They will gladly lend a hand.  It is important to remember they bring you the answers and support that you are asking for in ways that you will pay attention. Sometimes these are subtle, other times they are not.  When you ask for help and the door opens, be willing to step through the doorway.

Your life starts with you. If you are having difficulty in an area of your life, let's set up a session so that we may get to the root of the issue.  You deserve the best life possible.  Have a wonderful New Year. Create with Love & Joy.

Each day we are pressing ourselves forward to grow.  To grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  We attract in what is necessary for this growth.  At times, what we attract in is very uncomfortable.   If we allow ourselves to look past the discomfort we allow ourselves to see what area in our life we are stretching, reaching out and growing in.  We may acknowledge a behavior, thought or way of life is no longer beneficial to us.

When we have placed limits on ourselves we attract in the people or conditions that bring to light the self-imposed limits.  We do this not to have adversaries or bring pain into our lives.  We do this because we are ready to consider the fears that have created those limits.  With this we can go inward and see the fear at its core, why we put in place the limit and see that it does not serve us any longer.  We are ready to move past it.

We may put ourselves in the position to assert a behavior or reaction we thought was no longer present in ourselves.  As this behavior comes up it is not to cause pain.  It is to show that there is another layer to penetrate that allows for further potential of growth.  We may look at this behavior and ask the question, “Is this who I am?”  If the answer is no, which is very likely the case, then you can look at where this behavior served you in an earlier time.  Where it protected you.  You then are in a space to heal the emotions of that time and put in place a new thought, action and reaction.

As you grow, you will find that what you have put in place now doesn’t serve you later.   You will have grown even more and will require considering and putting in place new.

If we remember to be in our hearts as often as possible we continue through this path of personal growth in a way of compassion, tolerance and love.  This is not just for ourselves, it is for all who participate in our growth.  It allows us to look outside of ourselves and understand that like us, others are going through the same growth.  We can put in place personal forgiveness and forgiveness for other’s.

Take the time to look at what has caused you discomfort.  What has caused you to react or bring up an old behavior.  What it is that caused you to throw up an emotional wall or scamper away.  Look at what brings you to place blame, shame or guilt.  Then, even in your discomfort thank the person or situation.  You have drawn to you what you need to grow.

There are no accidents and nothing just happens to us.  We are amazing creators that are choosing to step out of creating our realities through fear.  We are choosing to create from love and personal empowerment.  To do that, we go into the shadows of life.  It will not stay this way.  One day we will remember all we need to do is love and create change.

Until that day, I thank each person that has stepped into my life to assist me to question myself, move me past out dated beliefs and my fears that have created self-imposed limits.  All of this brings me further into my heart so, that I may create with love not fear.

Contemplative mood today.  Checking in with myself which is a good thing.  Is what I have attracted into my life supporting who I am?  Who I wish to be?  Is it riddled with the pitfalls of life before awareness?  Of course it is.  That is part of the process.  One more lesson on how to honor who I am and the life I choose to live.

Doing my best to look at all of this as honestly as possible.  I have to admit there is a struggle going on.  The ego-self ready to step into the game that protected the old wounds that have come with the life I have experienced.  That part of me that pulled in my emotions when I felt threatened, watched the moves of others, gauged my next action by what was said and done.  The warrior-self ready for the imagined battle.  A battle that is self-created.

The aware-self holding the space of love.  The aware-self that reminds me that I have choice.  That at any moment I can change the direction of my journey.  The aware-self that reminds me when I love who I am, that love is reflected back at me.  As I accept that reflection of love I am able to send light out into the world assisting other’s to love who they are and accept their perfection as they walk their human walk.

For me the key is allow myself the myriad of emotions I feel so, that I can understand where they began.   To sort through them without judgment.  Not to place blame on others.  Then allow life to flow forward.

What is your process?  What do you do to come to love and support yourself in each moment?  How do you bring yourself back to the point of self-love when you veer off course?   What an interesting journey this is.