While speaking with a friend of mine today this little bit of information came up.

We are churning up the old energy. As it churns and rumbles through us we feel a bit as if there is no movement in our life. With this also comes a feeling of emotional disconnect. There may be a feeling of no drive to move or create, a lack of interest in much of our lives.

This is only the old falling away. It is necessary for this to happen. From a very early age many of us have been pushed forward to be something….to be someone….to do something. This is the time we are shedding the old skin. This is not so that we become stagnant and do nothing. This is so we can hear our inner self that has always been held safely in the deepest parts of us. This self knows what it is we came to do. What we came here to experience. What it is we are to contribute. This self knows to bring this forward into our lives, is to become quiet and allow.

Take this time of lack of motion to move from the outer layers to the inner essence of you. Listen to your inner self speak to you in the soft sweet voice that is filled with the wisdom of life. This is the time for you to become not what you have been told you are to be no, this is the time to find who it is you are.

For me, this means taking the time to allow myself to move through my process at the pace that is perfect for me. What do I want to be when I grow up? Who in the world said I want to grow up? What does that mean anyway? What do I want to be? Why of course….I want to be me.

Another article appeared on my Facebook page filled with concern over the hate and judgement in our world. The writer of the article wonders what direction mankind is headed in? It is good to ask this question. By asking yourself this question you can decide if you agree with the direction or not. If you agree then your world is as it should be. If not, then it is time for you to step in and add the ingredient of change to the reality you are living in.

Do you believe you can change the world? If not, what would it take for you to come to the understanding that you can be the change in this world? How would you have to see yourself? What actions could you take to become aware of how much power you have? The truth is the actions are not difficult. Here are a few suggestions of things to do so, that you may see what a powerful being you are. As you do these small things take notice of what in your world you changes.

  • Hold your heart chakra open for the world to feel and see.
  • Take 5 minutes of each day to send out love, peace and harmony. Extend the time to several times a day and longer periods of time.  Do this until it becomes a natural rhythm in your life.  As natural as breathing.
  • See beauty in yourself and all others.
  • Think kind thoughts of yourself along with others. Use words that express these thoughts when thinking of yourself and speaking to others.
  • See the best in yourself and all others.
  • Note the positives that you see and feel.
  • When faced with lower energy send it light.
  • Do not engage in the battle arguments. This is a form of one surmounting another.
  • Disconnect from the media. If it does not have an audience, it will change.
  • Do not look to other’s misery to feel better about the life you are living.
  • View every part of life as a part of you. Treat this with love.
  • Always remember you are not powerless in your world.

To change the world seems like such a big thing to do yet, each and every one of us has the ability to affect a change. If we break it down to moment by moment this will not seem like such a heavy undertaking. If we stop and step out of the fear, we have been living in that has created not only judgements against ourselves and others instead holding the space of love our world radically changes. It is that simple. We as human beings make it hard. Yet, we are walking the human walk. With this in mind be gentle with yourself. You will stumble and when you do, you can choose to pick yourself up and once again begin the process of creating a world filled with love.

Inhale all the way to your heart chakra. Feel your heart fill with love. Exhale this love out into the world. Inhale to the heart chakra….exhale love. Inhale to the heart chakra….exhale love…..repeat.

Your light created and posted on FB Dec. 16, 2015

What an exciting time it is! There are so many life changes occurring that at times it may seem overwhelming. Yet, by stopping and taking a deep breath and grounding into beautiful Mother Earth all of the overwhelm dissolves.

Each day is bringing new adventures. To live these adventures means no longer standing on the sidelines of your life, instead actively pursuing your dreams. This is the time to ask what it is that you love doing? What have you been preparing for your whole life? It is the time to give yourself permission to fully embrace who you are and the life you are choosing to live.

Now that you have taken that deep breath and connected to Mother Earth take the time to hear your inner voice. You know that voice. The voice that came from deep inside of you as a soft whisper at first. The persistent voice that increased and you said “shhhhh…..I can’t do that.” The voice that said “Oh yes you can” so loudly that you could no longer ignore it, pushing you out of your comfort zone so that you can live your full potential. Yes….it is time to live your life and your dreams.

These are some of the adventures my inner voice has led me to. First workshops and retreats are being highlighted. Spirit has brought beautiful people into my life that share my desire to bring awareness and empowerment to others. Tomorrow (6-11-2016) I will be combining my abilities with Wolfdreamer who is an amazing astrologist and psychic, for a one-day workshop in Lebanon Oregon at the Waterloo Park. She and I will be doing a second workshop on July 30th, 2016 in Merlin Oregon at Indian Mary Park.

If that isn’t exciting enough I am facilitating a workshop with Vickie Pruitt who is a vibrational healer.  We have chosen the Big Island of Hawaii as the magical space to hold this retreat.  We are in the midst of preparing this now. Our tentative dates are somewhere between January 26th and February 4th 2017. If you are interested in participating in this event, please let me know because it will be a limited group and we do want to make sure that all who would like to attend are included.

Oh yes! What amazing times these are..........Cherry Divine

You are the creator of your life. Through your dreams and aspirations you follow the direction of your soul. Let your heart be your compass. Let your heart light your way. Children of Earth allow yourselves to see the greatness of who you are. See the amazing Creators you have always been. No longer languishing in the shadows of fear. You are supported by all of life. We embrace you with love........The Ancients 

Add love created and posted on FB Jan. 2016Many times I am ask what it is I do. What I do is this, I practice loving and accepting myself unconditionally.   I do this to the best of my ability in the human walk that I walk. By that I mean there are times seeing my perfection is just as challenging as other’s seeing theirs. I remember that I am/we are all perfect no matter what we are reflecting or projecting at any given moment.  As I remember to love myself without conditions, I know I am loving all of life unconditionally.

I remember to change the reality that I live in, is to be very aware of the reality I believe in. I do my best to remember to support life rather than judge life. I do my best to remember everything adds to life. For me this does not mean that I will condone or participate in actions or experiences that feel uncomfortable to me. What it means is that I see these things and hold a vision past what I consider a fear based reality.

I share what I understand of life with others. I do my best to assist other’s in seeing the absolute beauty of life they are.  I bring in words along with energy that is supportive of each person I speak with reminding them  that not only is life magic, so are they.

So now I ask…..what is it that you do?



DSC_0102Dearest Children,
You chose this wonderful adventure you call life. In this adventure you chose many roads to take. The roads waver before you as you travel forward on them. You cannot see exactly where they lead or what will come onto your path. This is nothing to worry about….nothing to fear.

There are many times you feel as if you do not know the direction of your life. Why you are where you are or how you ended up there. This is false information created by the fear based reality of mankind.

As your personal life designer you have the ability to access the roadmap that lies inside of you. This map shows the direction you have chosen for your life. The map reveals the pivotal points, the optional side roads you could take along with landmarks that were set in place for your experiencing which brought you knowledge and information.

To access your internal map is only a matter of trusting that it exists. Take the time to breath deep, relax and move inside. Use your imagination to bring it to the surface of your conscious mind. Ask to see its beginning as you entered your world. Ask to see the details, the landmarks that assisted you in becoming you. Let your mind roam freely from the starting point, to the middle, then to the potential end.

As you do this you access your life’s Grand Design. You easily move yourself into the driver’s seat no longer feeling pulled or pushed through life. The helpless feeling will exist no longer within you. Life no longer feels dangerous or interrupted by roadblocks and obstacles.

Once you begin the process of consulting your internal road map you will make adjustments in the direction you are taking. You will find instead of continuously following the same road, traveling in circles you will choose to take another route. This will be of your choosing, not changing the course you have set for yourself. This is not the purpose of choosing the different route. The purpose is to allow yourself to take a new road that is easier and much more enjoyable.

We wish you well on your travels in life. We wish you love also. If at any time you feel as if you cannot read your road map we are here to assist you. You may think of us as your personal GPS system. Yes, Dearest Children many of us do enjoy humor……The Ancients

Many of you are aware that I am a co-host on the online radio program Something Brewin’.    Today’s topic was soul or life contracts. The topic let us look at the contracts we have written for ourselves, how they interact with other’s life lessons and re-writing these contracts. https://soundcloud.com/catmedia2/2-24-2016-something-brewin-with-cherry-divine-tracie-mahah

During the show information comes to me in many ways including visual images. As Tracie Mahan (the other half of the show) was talking about how a person’s life course was affected when we chose to change our contract. As she spoke in my mind’s eye I saw a pond that a drop of water landed in. As the drop hit the water a ripple began, continuing outward. I knew that I was being shown as a change occurred an energetic ripple went out touching other life. That as the energy touched the lives of other’s they would respond to it in the way that was perfect for them.Ripple

As we laughed and talked our way through the show my mind was being taken back to a dream that I woke with this morning. It wasn’t until a few minutes before the show was over that I understood why this was happening along with the importance of the dream. Those who are assisting us were giving a wonderful example of life contract changes and the ability we have to discuss how this affected us and not put in demands so much but, voice how this impacted our lives and what we needed in place of what was originally written.

This was the dream: My eleven-year-old granddaughter (who was in her twenties in the dream), a good friend of mine and I were on one of the Hawaiian Islands. This was a business trip in which we were only to be there for a few days. The day before we were to leave the CEO’s decided that my granddaughter was to stay longer because they had a new job for her to perform.

As they gave this information to us, we became very aware of how this impacted our trip. In the dream I could see all of the changes that would happen with my granddaughter staying. Instead of being upset we began to talk to the higher ups about the effects and what we would need to put in place due to their request. Notice I said suggested changes. I felt we had to be in agreement for this to occur.

I saw myself talking with the group of CEO’s telling them we did not want to leave Meg alone to do the work they had requested of her. This would increase the amount of the airplane tickets because we had to call and change our original departure date. We would need to get different rooms as ours were being rented to other’s upon the date we had agreed to leave. We discussed the cost of extra food and the need for a rental car. This was all done very businesslike. What I didn’t remember during the show was that not only did they comply with what we asked for, they gave us better than what we had seen for ourselves.

Why was this dream important? Because I had been given the inspiration for the show last week. My helpers in the higher realms were assisting us in the topic. What they were showing us is the impact of a request in the change of a soul contract. Not to worry about these requested changes. That soul agreements are written yet, there are other factors in place that create a ripple effect. As this ripple is sent out there are those that feel the need to change their original agreements also. When this does happen those in that person’s life are not left high and dry. Instead on a soul level we know that we may ask for assistance for ourselves to not only support the person that is changing the direction of their life, we may ask for what is also best for us. This allows us to be there and assist in these changes.

What I didn’t mention in the show was the ending of the dream. This was the best part. Not only did we get a rental car, we were given a sporty convertible. The rooms that we were given to move into were much more splendid than the rooms we originally had stayed in. My granddaughter was happy and looking forward to the assignment she was asked to take on. As she made plans with the group, my friend and I saw a rainbow, a sandy beach and warm water. In good spirits we piled into the convertible.

This dream brought to me these messages: We are never alone when living these lives. Nothing is written in stone. Allow yourself to ask for what you want. Know that you may receive better than you could ever dream for yourself on the Earthly Realm. We are Divinely loved and supported. We are not powerless in our lives. In truth we write our soul contracts and we have the finale say of will we or won’t we make changes in them. Not only do we so, do those whose lives are affected by our choices and changes.

As you are aware I bring in messages from a consciousness of love.  At no time has any group truly identified themselves other than as The Ancients until today.   I was thinking about the Pleidians, Sirians, and Arcturians when this came in.  Be present posted on FB 2-9-2016

A message from the Light Masters.

Mankind is no longer peeking through the veil. Mankind indeed has drawn the veil back then proceeded in dismantling the structure that has held it in place. As this has occurred the human body has undergone necessary changes. A strategy of light placement within the cells was implemented. A heaviness to the human framework came about to anchor in the light. The bodies are now in process of distributing the light evenly. You are re-defined.

The human ego has also been under structural alignment. We have many times gave the message the ego is a chosen aspect of the self and not to be disregarded. To disregard the self is to deny that wisdom of the wholeness of who you are. You will find as the structural shift takes place the essence along with the ego are in alignment.

Relationships are being built upon the vibrational patterning of the heart. These patterns allow hearts to attract like hearts. This is not in the matter only of the human ‘love’ relationship. This patterning allows many to attract those into their life that have been agreed upon to assist in personal achievements. None more than another. The like frequencies set up a stable groundwork for personal harmony in all areas of the life.

The frequencies of the heart will change tones along the pathway of life. Each tone attracts in like tones. This is also an agreement made prior to developing physical form. You will be called to each other. Again for the purpose of creating a balanced harmonic life force.

We are assisting you on this path of life. The continuation of this assistance is guaranteed. Your dream states are being filled with more life enriching energy along with the accessing great amounts of information. As this continues to take place you will find yourselves drawn into areas in which you hesitated to go before. You will walk there now.
This is the transmission for this day.

8-2-12 Tim at Fern Ridge V

There are times it is forgotten that to create takes thought along with energy. Where thought and energy flow the attraction is, your world becomes your thoughts which create the flow of the focus of your energy.

Become aware of your thoughts. Guide them gently away from the habitual focus of fear. For you see the patterns of mankind’s thoughts many times are habits that have been established in times before then passed on from generation to generation. The energy following the same course.

Mankind holds easily to the belief of limits forgetting they are limitless in their ability to create. As they move their thoughts from the grip of fear it is remembered they are more. This movement creates a vibrational increase which benefits the life they live. As their life increases in the rise of energy it is felt by others. These others may allow their fear to fall away. They may too create a vibrational increase in their energy body changing the life that was accepted as if it was all they could do.

We ask you, The Children of Earth to choose to hear your thoughts. As they hold fast to the worrisome fear. Remember it is you that has the ability to change their course. This is not as hard as you believe. It is only a matter of understanding your patterns. When the fear is in place consciously choose to focus on any form of life that brings you feelings of beauty, peace or love.
If standing in pain acknowledge pain exist yet, it is not the only existence. It is habitual to hold the idea of pain allowing the energy to flow freely there. It is your challenge to redirect your thoughts to love, shifting the course of the energy that flows from you…The Ancients

Exercise: When in a moment of fear which is felt by discontent, pain, loneliness and so on make the conscious decision to refocus your thoughts. Choose something to focus on that brings you a feeling of positive-ness. This can be as simple as a child’s smile, the formation of a cloud a flower, a poem, a memory that is joyous…the list is as unending as the list of fear is. Pay close attention to the change in what you think along with the feeling it brings. Practice this all throughout your days.