2018 Retreats

 Mt. Shasta Retreat


Mt. Shasta is the perfect environment to remember the CREATIVE BEING YOU ARE!

Connect with the MAGICAL ENERGIES of Mt. Shasta! 

Move through the old programs and release what is no longer supporting you.  Fully claim and love the self, by embracing the divinity within.

This retreat is an opportunity to anchor into the physical your DREAMS… so they may become your REALITY!

  • Guided Meditations & Exercises
  • Channeled Messages & Exercusions
  • R.E.® Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises
  • dōTERRA® Essential Oils to Raise your Vibration




2018 Mt. Shasta Retreat Application

Cherry Divine is a channel, spiritual mentor, intuitive, clairvoyant, ordained minister and Reiki practitioner. Since Cherry’s connection to her ‘Ancient Self’ she has worked with people worldwide with the intention of personal awareness and self-empowerment so that they are able to create a life that supports who they are.


One of Cherry’s many specialties is tapping into the messages hidden in the sub-conscious mind.  The purpose of this is to free the person from the old messages that come from the early life teachings, programs and belief systems that have been creating
behind the scenes of the person’s awareness.
With guidance from The Consciousness of Love she brings channeled messages and works with the energy within your physical body, facilitating health for the mind, body and soul. Guiding you into the remembering the knowledge you carry within your cellular structure. Find more information about Cherry on the web at: CherryDivine.com


Vickie Pruitt is a Vibrational Healer, Karmic Astrologer, L.M.T., Reiki Master, dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate and Creator of the RaSani Body Mind Spirit Fair. She is the lead coordinator for the retreat and will be teaching T.R.E., along with lecturing on dōTERRA® essential oils to help raise your vibration to support your personal journey.

Vickie is Certified Provider in T.R.E.® Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises. T.R.E.® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, T.R.E.® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. Find more information about T.R.E.® at: TraumaPrevention.com   Find more information about Vickie at: VickiePruitt.com

Sign up early to ensure space and save!
**Space is limited to 12 Participants**

3 Day Mt. Shasta Retreat   June 1-3, 2018

Friday 12pm-4pm,  Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

$ 333 (Early Bird Discount Price) per person
$ 444 Regular Price (after 5/1/18)


2018 Mt. Shasta Retreat Application



Side of housePool table in basement


Location of the Retreat:
 Mt. Shasta Retreat Center
812 Holiday Court, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Excursion to Mt. Shasta City Park

Headwaters of the Sacramento River

Bring some jugs and collect some of this magical water!images-1








Visit Crystal & Metaphysical Shops




Explore and Hike Mt. Shasta




 Suggestions on where to book your overnight stay…

Swiss Holiday Lodge.jpg


Swiss Holiday Lodge
2400 S. Mount Shasta Blvd
Mount Shasta, California 96067
Phone: (530) 926-3446 or Email:abelluquin@yahoo.com

Only 3 miles from retreat center with good rates, hot tub, pool and continental breakfast 7am-10am included.

Take advantage of the special group rate
per night of: $75 + tax for single &
$85 + tax for double (2 people only).

Book ASAP directly via phone or email and
use code: RaSani for group rate!
(Booking online will not get the special group rate)


2018 Mt. Shasta Retreat Application



Life is but a DREAM…
Now is the time to make your Dreams your Reality!

Each Retreat that has been held has been a fabulous journey of discovery for all involved.  I have been blessed to not only facilitate Mt. Shasta Retreats with Vickie Pruitt and then with Nancy Waldron.   Spirit brought us together in the most divine way and each of these ladies have complimented perfectly the work I do.  Below are testimonials from last years Mt. Shasta Journey which was facilitated by Nancy Waldron and me.


"I loved how you both went with the flow as to how spirit led you.  I loved the combination of journeys in nature and the processing which occurred at the the house.  I LOVED how you made it about each of us having our own experience - unique and enriching for each one of us.  I never felt that I was being taught, instead I was allowed to experience my own knowing.  Really beautiful."

"I enjoyed the evolution of thought and journey of the 1st day.  I loved identifying our desire, how I get in the way and affirming the possibility of change.  The 2nd day felt very healing, letting go of toxins and old patterns then inviting higher vibration and healing.  I think you facilitate GREAT together as a team.  It wouldn't have been the same with only one facilitator.  Enjoyed Nancy's groundedness in a "magical realm" and Cherry's ability to allow her Ancients to spontaneously come through.  Much thanks.