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The journey of life is similar to the tree in this picture. There are twist and turns that wear off the outer layers. Don’t become discouraged during these times. The wearing away of the layers brings new beginnings.


Creating from old phrases

Thinking with balloonsWhile getting ready for my day several of the old sayings that I have heard for a good portion of my life kept wandering through my mind. Each of these sayings carried a belief along with the energy that was not life supporting. I thought about how these statements had created similar outcomes when I experienced various situations.  This brought me to the thought that it was now time to change the meaning behind the phrases.  By doing this the energy around these phrases would now have the potential to create in a new way.

This is a very short list of old phrases that have been a creating force in my life. There have been many others that were handed off to me and I accepted as truth. Why wouldn’t I accept these as truth? I had heard them over and over again. Each time I heard them it seemed that an occurrence would happen that proved them true. It wasn’t until much later in life I realized that I was doing what those who handed these phrases to me had done. As I/we believed them we filled the words with the power and energy to create in our life.  From these words we projected forward an outcome that went in line with what had been believed to be true.

With the phrases still out there holding an energy pattern I decided to change what they represent to me. By doing this the energy of the words is no longer creating in the same way allowing a new outcome.   I prefer to allow these words to support me. What has been handed to you that you have accepted as truth because it has been said time and time again? Isn’t it time to question these and of course change the meaning they have for you?

1. “The quiet before the storm”
If there is a calm time in my life I have to prepare for a storm? Really?
“Today I appreciate the calm in my life allowing it to stretch forward while I enjoy every moment of it. I also appreciate the storms of my life. I allow the storms to clear away what does not support me allowing the calm to reappear to be enjoyed even more.”

2. “Waiting for the next shoe to drop.”
When that shoe drops I have a new pair of shoes that fit better than the old pair which allows me to walk on a path that supports me.

3. “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.”
When did we begin to believe in limiting the good in our lives? Why does the good signal a negative? I decided to change this to, “If it feels too good to be true, it is only because prior to this moment I didn’t know that goodness existed. I am now open to receive the good in all things.”

It’s o.k. to have more than enough

As many of you know I co-host the radio show Something Brewin’. This week’s topic, ‘It’s o.k. to have more than enough’ got me thinking. The first thought that went through my mind was, more than enough what? I knew both Tracie and I meant the good things in life even though we did not state that. Which is all good and fine. I knew we would cover that during the show on Wednesday.

As I thought about the idea of more than enough all of the various ways that we are to limit the good things in our lives began playing through my mind. You know, things like don’t take more than your share. That’s the last piece….someone else may want it. It would be greedy if you took that. If you take something, there may not be enough for someone else. Put that back, you already had one. We have heard all of these sentences and more when it comes to the good or fun things in life. From very early on our lives are filled with statements along with remarks that insinuate if you take the good someone will be left out, there just won’t be enough for them.
We have heard these type of statements used in reference to many things such as food, clothing, money and other material goods.

It wasn’t just things these limits were applied to. Love has been limited too. If you give too much love, it drains you. If you give to one you can’t give to another. If you love this person you can’t equally love someone else.

There is a limit to the amount of praise you can give yourself. Whether it be about the way you look, something you did or an accomplishment. If you put too much attention on it then of course you are in your ego or pride. With the idea of shaming you for noticing how wonderful you are. Do people react the same if you treat yourself harshly? No, not really. Think how many times a day you say or think an unsupportive thought about yourself. This can be due to the way you look, something you didn’t know, a situation you got yourself into. Many times thoughts that take away from who you are go unchecked through your mind as they have become so accepted.

As I thought about this my mind shifted gears looking at what we call the negatives of life. Have you ever noticed no one ever tells you not to take too much of the worries or the things that cause feelings that are not positive? No one ever says “Hey! You already had one worry today don’t take another.” Rarely ever do we hear anyone say anything about the amount of negatives that a person reaches out and grabs for their life.

Why is this? Where did the training come from that said to limit the life supporting good while we leave an open doorway for unending negative life drains? How is it that this became our normal? Why is it that we accept this?

So many questions. Where do the answers to these questions live? Within us of course. To change what we have accepted as the way life is we will need to begin to question the truth and reality of it. Is it really our truth? Our reality? Only if we continue to feed the story we have been told.

Isn’t it time to question why we limit the life supporting positives? The only limits that have ever been in place are those that have been imposed by the agreement to believe that they are true. It is time to question why suffering and doing without have been so accepted.

A few suggestions to create change in your life are: Stop yourself when you repeat the old sayings and remarks that affirm the negatives. Remind yourself those are a belief and not a truth. Focus your energy on the positives of life. Say “yes…more I deserve this” as the positives come in. Share what you receive knowing that there is no limit. Open your heart and love without limits. Knowing that as you give love, you have more love to give. Practice living fully each day allowing yourself to receive with joy. Know as you receive it does not shut a door or limit another. In truth it opens the door more widely for the good to come in for all that are willing to receive it.