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8-2-12 Tim at Fern Ridge V

There are times it is forgotten that to create takes thought along with energy. Where thought and energy flow the attraction is, your world becomes your thoughts which create the flow of the focus of your energy.

Become aware of your thoughts. Guide them gently away from the habitual focus of fear. For you see the patterns of mankind’s thoughts many times are habits that have been established in times before then passed on from generation to generation. The energy following the same course.

Mankind holds easily to the belief of limits forgetting they are limitless in their ability to create. As they move their thoughts from the grip of fear it is remembered they are more. This movement creates a vibrational increase which benefits the life they live. As their life increases in the rise of energy it is felt by others. These others may allow their fear to fall away. They may too create a vibrational increase in their energy body changing the life that was accepted as if it was all they could do.

We ask you, The Children of Earth to choose to hear your thoughts. As they hold fast to the worrisome fear. Remember it is you that has the ability to change their course. This is not as hard as you believe. It is only a matter of understanding your patterns. When the fear is in place consciously choose to focus on any form of life that brings you feelings of beauty, peace or love.
If standing in pain acknowledge pain exist yet, it is not the only existence. It is habitual to hold the idea of pain allowing the energy to flow freely there. It is your challenge to redirect your thoughts to love, shifting the course of the energy that flows from you…The Ancients

Exercise: When in a moment of fear which is felt by discontent, pain, loneliness and so on make the conscious decision to refocus your thoughts. Choose something to focus on that brings you a feeling of positive-ness. This can be as simple as a child’s smile, the formation of a cloud a flower, a poem, a memory that is joyous…the list is as unending as the list of fear is. Pay close attention to the change in what you think along with the feeling it brings. Practice this all throughout your days.

Conscious Change






The way to create change in your life is to consciously choose change.
• Look inside, feel what you are feeling.
• Find why you feel as you do.
• Owning all that you feel and think without judgment.
• Not projecting onto others what is yours.
• Open your heart without fear.
• Open your mind so you may expand your knowledge.
• Love who you are.
• Love with all that you are.
These are only suggestions… what it is you feel is right for you.

Message From My Grandmother


I was sitting on my couch somewhat somber. My grandmother had passed away a few hours earlier in the day. She was the grouchiest old woman I have ever known and I loved her dearly. As I sat there remembering her I was compelled to pick up my colored pencils and this little character drew himself.

He was not the type of picture I would normally draw. I was fascinated with the way he was coming to life. Bright, cheerful and happy. Filled with color. When he was finished I was smiling.

Then the light bulb went off in my head. My grouchy old grandmother loved these types of little characters. While I was growing up she would cut this type of picture out of magazines and send them to me along with her letters. During the times she lived with us, if I was having a glum day sooner or later she would walk over to show me some little fun little character or cute writing.  I knew she had sent this little guy to me to say “Hi” and to let me know she was alright.

After I realized this another type of drawing began presenting itself. These drawings were of clowns. Again, something I had not drawn before. They filled my head urging me to put them on paper. I had no idea why this was happening and did not understand for many years.

What was the significance of the clowns? My grandfather who had passed before I was born was a clown on Vaudeville and then on radio. He was letting me know that he and my grandmother were together. That he had met her as she had passed.  IMG_2922

Those that we love may leave our physical world yet, they are never truly gone. Oh, my grandmother has visited many times since that cute little butterfly came to me. Maybe one day I will tell you about the Thanksgiving yams. Have a wonderful day!

The Practice of Me

winter-and-snow-scenes-037Not only are we in the winter season, we are also at the beginning of the New Year. Often winter is associated with going inward so that we become aware of our inner workings. By doing this we come to understand who we are, free up from old programs and for many begin a program of better self-care. For many the New Year also signals a time of initiating healthier, happier lifestyle.

I, like multitudes of others would make a list of resolutions to start at the arrival of the new year. The list would include all of those good for me things like get more exercise, eat better, quit bad habits and so on. Within a couple of month’s my list of resolutions would be buried under a stack of papers. When the list I had so diligently wrote out would come to my mind I would make excuses until finally the list was a long distant memory. That was of until the next new year was rolling around.

I quit making the new year resolutions list. Instead, I made an agreement with myself to all year long pay attention to me. I am now calling this the Practice of Me. This practice is not a laborious task, it is not a heavy list of must do’s or should do’s that only becomes a point of self-shame or frustration. There is no real timeline that I must follow. Instead this is a gentle agreement. One that I allow myself the time to stop and find out what is going on with me? What is important to me at this very moment? Asking myself what it is I am really feeling? What would be good for me. I ask myself questions and allow answers to come from within.

The Practice of Me has lead me to becoming more conscious of who I am in each moment. How I view myself, what my old behavior patterns were, why they were there and how they served me. The Practice of Me gives me the choice of initiating a new response, behavior or choice to change at any given moment. If for some reason, I stop a few days or a week down the road I have a chat with myself to see what is going on with me. I do not feel the old burden or shame of failing.  With the dialogue I am able to connect with myself and come to a better understanding of my process.   This allows me to find out what has been lying in the emotional layers of who I am. I can then support myself and choose to once again choose to begin what I had let fall aside with a new understanding of me.

I wish everyone the best 2016 possible and that this New Year is the year of YOU!