There are times it is forgotten that to create takes thought along with energy. Where thought and energy flow the attraction is, your world becomes your thoughts which create the flow of the focus of your energy. Become aware of your thoughts. Guide them gently away from the habitual focus of fear. For you see […]

Conscious Change

        The way to create change in your life is to consciously choose change. • Look inside, feel what you are feeling. • Find why you feel as you do. • Owning all that you feel and think without judgment. • Not projecting onto others what is yours. • Open your heart […]

Message From My Grandmother

I was sitting on my couch somewhat somber. My grandmother had passed away a few hours earlier in the day. She was the grouchiest old woman I have ever known and I loved her dearly. As I sat there remembering her I was compelled to pick up my colored pencils and this little character drew […]

The Practice of Me

Not only are we in the winter season, we are also at the beginning of the New Year. Often winter is associated with going inward so that we become aware of our inner workings. By doing this we come to understand who we are, free up from old programs and for many begin a program […]