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This has been quite the beginning to a new year.  It is my hope that each person stay present, visualize the life they want to live and send love out into the world.  In this way, we can create and co-create a world filled with love, tolerance, acceptance and understanding.  A world filled with magic.It has been a bit since we returned from our retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Each day I have sat at the computer with the intention of writing of the magic that filled the nine days we were on the island.  The words have escaped me until now.   DLS_4743webFrom day one it was apparent Spirit had Divinely choreographed each step of our journey.  Even though we were coming in from several states and flying in on different airlines, we all arrived in the Honolulu airport within a short time of each other.  This allowed us time to do a little planning for the meet up at the Hilo airport, which was the finale stop before making our way to the houses.

It didn’t tGroup photo with heartake any of us long to understand that it was not happenstance the people gathered together for the retreat were meant to be there.  Each person, along with the energy they carried added to this magnificent group in a way that was unique to them and beneficial for all.  Each person’s lessons and journey into their own awareness enhanced the total experience.

In a newsletter there is no way to go into detail of all that took place.  We started our mornings with the warmth of the sun, tropical fragrances waking our senses, and the lushness of the land.  In the evening we looked at the brilliant stars and were serenaded by the songs of the frogs.  We saw the Angel numbers 444 at least four times each day.  When we were to go somewhere everything flowed perfectly along with parking spaces that opened for us even in the most crowded of parking lots.

IMG_2794While kayaking, the dolphins swam around us. It was at this time I got into the water. As I peered through the face mask into the depth of the ocean a mother and her pup swam in front of me.  As I watched the two go out of sight a male came gliding by just a few feet from me.  As with the mother, when the male passed me, we made direct eye contact. A moment of pure energy and blessings.  I felt myself pulled to the vibration of the mystical lands of Lemuria.  As I stayed in the water, dolphins swam circles around our kayaks.  While snorkeling in a different area several of our group swam with more than fifty dolphins.  Oh the MAGIC!


Pele blessed us with “The Dance of Fire” on a day one of the park rangers said we would not be able to see the lava from the observatory.  Pele’ sent me a message to gather the Seven Sistah’s.  As we gathered I felt a large ball of energy in front of my heart chakra.  I could feel it grow and as this happened, I/we watched the lava begin to rise from the crater and begin “The Dance of Fire”.  When we stepped away our group noticed the lava began to lower and go out of view.  What a wonderful gift Pele gave to us.

It wasn’t just these blessings that were the magic the retreat held.  This retreat focused on releasing out dated programs and patterns that were of use no longer in each person’s life.  Through the channeled messages, meditations, the healing tools of T.R.E and support of the doTerra essences, the group began to understand more of themselves, let go of what served them no longer with all of this allowing each person to love, accept and claim themselves more fully.  Through the retreat the group not only found the magic of who they are, they also saw how their magic affected the world outside of them.

There were times we separated into different groups and went to various areas.  What I found when this happened was that my Group had messages that were pertinent to whoever I was with.  There was no set area when this happened, we were always where we were meant to be.  My Group brought in messages through the landscape we were visiting, the air and everything else that was around us.  By doing this, my Group reminded each person of the Sacredness of all of Earth and of all of life.  I felt so blessed to be a part of this.  It was with a bit of sadness yet, a walking forward we came home more empowered and more aware.


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Many blessings.......