Monthly Archives: June 2018

Now Is a Time of Great Remembering

A beautiful oil painting on canvas of a woman goddess Lada as a mighty loving guardian and protective spirit upon the Earth

Mankind is now in their time of Great Remembering. The time of remembering that through their thoughts, their actions and their beliefs they are creating. They are in the time of remembering that one path may have been shown, yet it is not the only path available to be taken. Mankind is remembering they are not here to watch helplessly as prophesies take form. It is being remembered at lightning speed that the prophesies may be changed by man.

It is for mankind to step to the forefront and see the creators that they are. As their minds and eyes open, as their hearts vibrate with love once more, they remember that they may choose another path of life than that which has been predicted. They may move away from the webbing of the predictions to the remembering of the abilities that they hold. Reaching into the depths of who they are they find the knowledge and wisdom that has always been living inside of them. The wisdom of creating life that is filled with love, supports all life, allowing all forms of life to thrive.

It is time for man once more to open their hearts and lift their eyes to the sky rejoicing in the life that they have chosen. Allowing their vision to reach out, looking at the world seeing beauty replace the chaos. See love where there had been fear. To see each person not as separate and threatening, instead seeing the golden thread of light that connects heart to heart to heart. Feeling inside of themselves the knowing that all life is one. No life is more important than any other. As each person loves themselves unconditionally that love spreads to all others.

Through the mind of man, the heart that lives within each, the prophesies of Earth’s destruction dissolves for they were only a belief of the times before, nowhere etched into the waves of time. You see, Children of Earth, you are now the prophets. You are the recorders of life. You are the deciders of what is to come. Children, move from the shadows cast of fear. Create with the joy and love that you are………..The Ancients