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Question Your Direction

When you cannot hear us in your conscious state, we speak to you in your dreams. We say loving words that remind you of the truth of the life you are here to live. The truth is, your life is not a non-stop pursuit of attaining with the outcome then being love and joy.

The truth is, as you live a life in which you feel love and joy, you stay at the level of BEING. This BEING is your natural state of love and joy. With love we say don’t search so hard, don’t strive to be what you are not. We say instead, allow your inner light of love to be what guides you forward in your life….We love you Dearest Ones…We hold you in our hearts as we walk beside you during your days and nights……The AncientsThe other day I woke to the message, “You are living your life so archaic.” I asked what this meant? I was then shown I was doing what I felt was safe and accepted. Entering my day with this message made me start paying attention.

It seems as if my Group is really wanting me to be aware of the direction I was going because today, I woke to this message: I had been moving back into the old energy. The energy that said you “you must do to achieve”. I knew this message was true because I had been feeling the pressure, the uncertainty and the frustration that I felt twenty years ago. The feeling of always trying to attain instead of enjoying and being.

I had to look at this. What was I reaching for? What was it I was hoping to achieve? Why was I giving up myself? And that is what I was doing, giving up myself. That part of me that knows to flow with life. The part that knows I am here to live in a loving reality, that supports the energy of me and my Ancient Self. That part that does not force the messages to come, instead opens and allows the messages to come into this reality in the way that benefits those who are receiving them.

This message has been under the surface for several weeks now and it showed up perfectly in the last Living Your Empowered Life zoom video. I stepped back from the forcing it to be what we are told things should be or look like and allowed. By allowing, the messages of the Ancients were shared in a wonderful uplifting fun way. That is perfect because that is what the intent of the group was all about in the first place.

Not much is changing in what I have been doing other than, I am stepping back and away from the trying, and I say trying because it cannot be done, to force the work I do into the mainstream ‘you gotta do it this way framework’. I am moving back into the, I allow this to be what it is meant to be. As I do this the beauty and magic of the work shines through.

I do believe this is why I was guided back to the Hawaiian Islands. On the islands you are reminded to move with the flow of life, not force against it. There is a gentleness and a sweetness that is added to life when this is done.

Is it time to look at your life and ask the question, “Is what I am doing supporting who I am? Or am I doing what I was told I have to do so that I may achieve and become something I was told I am to be?”

I am not saying drop out of your life as it is. What I am saying is, it is time to look at those parts of life that do not support you in a loving and healthy way and be willing to let them go. Be willing to implement a new way that adds joy and love back into your life. Be willing to go deep inside and find who it is you truly are. What it is you want to do. Let go of the, it can’t be done this way, or I am not here to be happy because I must do. Instead, identify what does not feel right to you, try doing things differently, notice what feels great and keep that in your life.

This is your life. Find the way to live your life in which you feel love and support for who you are. That way that brings your smile back to your face. Walk with an open heart and let the world see who you really are. Amazing how that attracts to you, life supporting experiences.

Have a fabulous day!