Monthly Archives: July 2019

It has been a wonderful time of personal growth. This does not mean it has been an easy time. I say that due to so many people I know who have been experiencing many turning points in their lives. These turning points have thrown them into emotional chaos and confusion. Rest assured, this passes as all things pass, bringing with it a stability and understanding we have not experienced in some time.

With these times of change you may be questioning the way you have identified who you are. Your identity may not seem to fit any longer. You may feel an urge to rip or pull away the old identity.  The reason for this is, a very deep level of understanding has risen to the conscious field of your mind. With this understanding you are removing the doesn’t seem to fit to you know you do not fit there any longer.

It is not a time for you to question or worry about this understanding. You have grown exponentially. With this growth you will continue to change not only in your environment, you will also change the environment around you. Your energy field has increased in frequency. With this increase, you are attracting in those people, places, and things that match your changing vibration.

Along with the new coming in, you may notice a change in the way you have responded to others and others have responded to you. This may be in a way that feels disconcerting. Do your best not to attach to yours or other’s distress due to the shift in vibration. Breath into your heart, hold the energy of love, focus this energy through your being and share it with all you know. As you do this, you will find in a short period of time your energies stabilize, preparing you for the next stage in your process.

Let this time of change be a happy time for you.  A time in which you feel your subtle or not so subtle changes occurring in the inner most parts of you. These changes are reminding you, that your outer, or ego self, is now more connected to your inner, or your true essence….your Divine Essence.

Gearhart was Amazing!

All who attended the Gearhart Retreat agreed it was fabulous! It was a time of community, transformation, letting go, and new beginnings.The blend of Vickie Pruitt’s energy and work with my energy and work created a loving space to grow in personal awareness.

I can’t wait for Vickie and my next retreat, maybe June 2020 in Shasta? We are also thinking about a Hawaiian retreat next year. Message me if you are interested in the upcoming retreats. This helps me and my co-facilitators plan our dates and other details for Hawaii, Mount Shasta, and other future retreats.

Now on to how excited I am about the upcoming Mount Shasta Retreat that Lisa Solterbeck and I are facilitating in September. Being in the mystical energy of the mountain supports all in their process of becoming more of their authentic self.

Remember just how fabulous you are! You are one of a kind. You chose to be here to shine. Let your light be seen and felt. Let love be your guiding life force.

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