Our Message to You…..The Ancients

On many levels you are being are called to look at what you have held as core beliefs.  You feel the pull to re-evaluate these and question if they are your inner truth or if they are old perspectives that man has put in place to bring a feeling of protection.  You are being called to move past the old judgments and condemnations.  As you judge and/or condemn another you are not free to live life from the heart, for you hold yourselves in the prison of fear. 

When you can see the beauty in everyone and everything you free yourself from the confines of mankind’s illusions.  Your world becomes free of the toxins of old thought that have plagued mankind.  Each person easily and readily sees and feels the God Self that lives within.  Eyes open, minds awaken and life regains the beauty of loving without condition.

Begin this process of elevating thoughts by releasing the trainings of man by first loving who you are unconditionally.  Love is the basis of all life.  Remember the Child of God/The Universe that YOU are.  Remember how spectacular….magnificent YOU are.  Remember the perfection of life YOU are.  As you do this understanding wakes within, the light of awareness brightens, hearts connect one to another heralding in the New World that you have chosen to bring to existence.  This New World is a world you are well aware of.  It has lived in the inner sanctions of your heart for all of time………..The Ancients