Belknap Mineral Springs Retreat: Inner and Outer Well-Being

The Belknap Retreat for 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We hope to reschedule it for 2021. Please look for updates.

Inner and Outer Well-Being Purposefully 

Location: Belknap Hot Springs
59296 Belknap Springs Rd.
McKenzie Bridge, Oregon 97413

Contact: Cherry Divine   541-905-4185

Cherry Divine and Lisa Solterbeck are once again combining their wisdom, knowledge, and skills to assist you as you regain inner and outer well-being. Using healing techniques, guided meditation, and group interactions that embrace your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the intention of regaining wholeness.

During retreats the energy supports the individual in a harmonious way, yet for some people, as they return to their day to day life, what they experienced at the retreat quickly fades.  Cherry and Lisa's objective is for each person to have a more balanced sense of self which assists in retaining the information lgained during the days spent together. As your awareness expands you are able to apply the information and tools you receive into every aspect of your life, allowing you to continue supporting your personal well-being.

Joining Cherry and Lisa are Jamie, Ira (Sound Bath) and Katie (Facial Acupressure).

Cherry Divine, earthy yet, out of this world

Cherry Divine is a world-renowned channel who’s work centers around self-love, self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-empowerment. As the voice of The Ancients, a Consciousness of Love, in a very down to earth way, Cherry shares the messages and guidance that supports each person on their journey of personal awareness.

One of Cherry’s many specialties is tapping into the messages hidden in the sub-conscious mind.  The purpose of this is to free the person from the outdated beliefs that come from the early life teachings which have kept the person from being their fullest life expression.

Known for her relatability, humor and in-depth understanding, Cherry takes each person on a journey of in-depth awareness assisting them in freeing from self-defeating patterns. With the communications of the Consciousness of Love, she assist people in opening to the adventure and magic their life was always meant to be.

With guidance from The Consciousness of Love she brings channeled messages that works with the energy within your physical body, facilitating health for the mind, body and soul. Guiding you into the remembering the knowledge you carry within your cellular structure.

Lisa Solterbeck: LCSW, CHt, Intuitive, Empath

Lisa’s expertise comes from years of practice in her holistic healing center, Journeys…A Center for Your Soul in Salem, OR, that she co-owns with her partner Torrii Rogers. She has served thousands of clients and helped them through trauma, soul work, and awakenings.

She assists individuals as they move through blockages and is currently writing a theory from her years of work in grounded theory, called Essence Illumination. It explores and illuminates the trapped essence of the individual which allows them to become what they are meant to be. This modality is expressed in love and with the full understanding that we do not “heal” anyone, we just hold a sacred space so the blocked energy can pass. She is looking forward to assisting you in merging the beautiful aspects of yourself into the life you have always wanted and desired.

Remember to always inquire within....

Sound Bath Meditation presented by: Ira and Jamie

A sound bath is an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body's natural healing systems. Ira and Jamie use a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments, including gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, and koshi chimes to create a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body while the cosmic vibrations wash away stress. As you release the old you may welcome the new.

Pressure Point Facial Massage with: Katelynn Alexis

  The benefits of this gentle massage are many beginning with relaxation and release. Acupressure for face focuses on providing balance throughout the body and increases the flow of energy, which is channelized along the 12 meridians.  Each meridian is linked to a particular organ. The application of pressure on specific points assist in opening the pathways of the meridians, increasing the flow of blood to your facial muscles and internal organs.


Belknap Mineral Springs:

Nestled in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades, Belknap Hot Springs is the ideal location to realign, re-balance, and to regain inner and outer well-being. Experience peace while walking the forest trails, rejuvenate in the mineral waters, and commune with the elementals that abound in the forest. These are only a few of the experiences you will enjoy during these days shared with Cherry and Lisa.


Cost: $495

No Refunds after March 30th
If you wish to share a room or cabin, please let Cherry know at the time of signing up
To sign up contact:  Cherry Divine 541-905-4185    

The pool policy for Belknap Mineral Springs:       


DAY USE LOWER POOL HOURS ARE FROM 9:00AM – 8:00PM STARTING November 1ST 2019 Thru April 1st 2020

$8.00 for one hour or less (Shower and Bathroom Facilities)
per day per person. $2.00 pool towel available.  The fee for the pool is not included in the retreat cost if not staying at the Belknap facilities.





June 12th       4:30 PM – 7 PM
June 13th       9:30 AM – 6 PM
June 14th       9:30 AM – 6 PM

What is provided:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Tea
  • Coffee

 What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Walking shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Journal
  • lunch food
  • Yoga mat (may be needed to lay on for the sound bath)
  • Pool towels

When reserving your space it is suggested that you check to see what Belknap provides with the rooms, cabins, and camping sites.

Transportation is not provided for the evening meal. There are several places to eat a few miles from Belknap or you may choose to bring food to prepare your evening meal in your accomodations.