A Day With The Ancients


November 10th, 10 a.m. –  4 p.m.

Phoenix Inn
3410 Spicer Dr SE, Albany, OR 97322  (See map)

Cost starting November 1st: $99

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An Invitation From The Ancients

“In this time of change you are drawn to the awareness that lives within you. You are opening the passageways of great understanding. You Darling Ones, are in the time of Conscious Creating. Allow us to be present in your space of time. Allow us to assist you on your path of understanding. Allow the Self to feel the energy of the Higher Dimensions as we are with you. We The Ancients hold Love for you, Dearest Children of Earth

Who are the Ancients?

"The Ancients" is a name given for the simple identification of a group consciousness of LOVE that is available to support you as you walk your path of awareness in the physical world. The Ancients are non-physical energies and entities from dimensions beyond this physical reality.

A Day With The Ancients

During the day you will experience the energy, guidance and wisdom of The Ancients. Through your questions, comments and interactions you will receive information that is the most beneficial to you specifically and to the group energy as a whole.

You will receive an introduction to and guidance on Fractionalized Thinking. This is an exercise that was downloaded to Cherry to assist people in redirecting their thoughts and creating new outcomes for life situations.

The day will revolve around the empowerment of you, assisting you in understanding why you have continued to experience your reality in the way that you have. You will receive information that allows you to release what no longer serves you and transform your life while being supported in the energy of LOVE.

A Day With The Ancients is a uniquely personal experience. There will be group participation and the energies that come through will focus on each individual as well. Even though there will often be humor and lightheartedness in the room, a very deep experience is occurring. When you feel the call of The Ancients' wisdom, it is not by accident; it is by your own grand design.

Why would you want to experience this event?

  • Personal clarity
  • Release of old energy
  • Guidance for creating
  • Remembering that life is magic
  • Understanding how your thoughts, words and actions attract
  • Change the focus of your energy so that you attract in more of what you want
  • Set loving boundaries

But most importantly, you will be reminded of your perfection, your deserving, how to love who you are and embrace your life with a new passion. You will remember that you are the creator of your life and that you have a choice about what you experience. Being fully aware of that choice, you may change your circumstances in the most beautiful way.