A Message for the Ancients

For the express purpose of moving forward on the path of your spiritual journey it is imperative to look at the qualities of which you believed you were that cast you in the shadows of life.  It is of great importance to look at the judgments that you made of yourself through the teachings of man that said you were not perfect, that you were fat, ugly, dumb, did not belong and so on.  These are the feelings that held you in the grips of alienation keeping you from joining in the circles of life.

We tell you now of your perfection.  That the pathways you have chosen are pathways of understanding, pathways that lead to the compassionate heart whose destination is the acceptance and loving of all life beginning with yours.  We the Ancients hold you in your light when it feels as if you have fallen off course.  We see that there is no such thing bringing you this message time and time again.  We hold you in our hearts as you find the way to the heart that is yours and are willing to open this heart holding the self-dear.  We cherish you dear children of Earth………The Ancients