A message from the Light Masters

As you are aware I bring in messages from a consciousness of love.  At no time has any group truly identified themselves other than as The Ancients until today.   I was thinking about the Pleidians, Sirians, and Arcturians when this came in.  Be present posted on FB 2-9-2016

A message from the Light Masters.

Mankind is no longer peeking through the veil. Mankind indeed has drawn the veil back then proceeded in dismantling the structure that has held it in place. As this has occurred the human body has undergone necessary changes. A strategy of light placement within the cells was implemented. A heaviness to the human framework came about to anchor in the light. The bodies are now in process of distributing the light evenly. You are re-defined.

The human ego has also been under structural alignment. We have many times gave the message the ego is a chosen aspect of the self and not to be disregarded. To disregard the self is to deny that wisdom of the wholeness of who you are. You will find as the structural shift takes place the essence along with the ego are in alignment.

Relationships are being built upon the vibrational patterning of the heart. These patterns allow hearts to attract like hearts. This is not in the matter only of the human ‘love’ relationship. This patterning allows many to attract those into their life that have been agreed upon to assist in personal achievements. None more than another. The like frequencies set up a stable groundwork for personal harmony in all areas of the life.

The frequencies of the heart will change tones along the pathway of life. Each tone attracts in like tones. This is also an agreement made prior to developing physical form. You will be called to each other. Again for the purpose of creating a balanced harmonic life force.

We are assisting you on this path of life. The continuation of this assistance is guaranteed. Your dream states are being filled with more life enriching energy along with the accessing great amounts of information. As this continues to take place you will find yourselves drawn into areas in which you hesitated to go before. You will walk there now.
This is the transmission for this day.