I would love to share with you the story behind my name, it’s importance and why I feel am blessed to have it.  My birth name is Cherry.  The last name Divine was given to me by my ‘Group’ when I made the decision to step into my career.  My grandmother chose my first name.  I am sure at the time she did not realize consciously how perfectly the name fit me.  Cheerful, friendly, psychic, and the importance of personal growth are only a few of the attributes of the name.  When I look at the name Divine, I glow with happiness.  Some of the attributes of this name are, beloved, friend, born of God or gift of God.  Aren’t we all gifts of God?  I am sure we are.

I live in Oregon with my two dogs and I am blessed with two children and five grandchildren. I have been a favorite of radio listeners for over 18 years. I was first heard on San Francisco’s Seeing Beyond. Then for one and a half years I co-hosted Insights Talk Radio with Cindy Evans which aired from Seattle Wa.  In 2007 I made my first of many appearances on television as a guest on Soul Awareness.

I am a spiritual counselor, channel, intuitive, clairvoyant, ordained minister, and Reiki practitioner. Many have referred to me as the “psychics psychic”. I awakened to the energy of my Ancient Self in 2000. I am a vessel of communication for a Collective Consciousness of love whose purpose is to guide you on your life path through messages of support and information.

The purpose in each session is to be more than a psychic reading. Going beyond answering your day to day questions the session may include such things as seeing into your past lives, how they are affecting you now, what it is that you have charted into your future along with  how to create the future you want. When one plans their lives/futures, it is not set in stone, as we set choices for ourselves. I will help you to see the choices that are on the path of your life journey. Gently helping you understand, integrate and apply to the physical world the information that comes in through the session.

I also work with the energy within your physical body, facilitating health for the mind, body and soul. Guiding you into the remembering the knowledge you carry within your cellular structure.

I may also have messages from loved ones that have passed.  With these messages you are able to feel their love and support.  Many times with these communications comes a sense of peace that allows you to complete issues you have felt were left unresolved.  As the essence leaves the physical body life does not end.  With this understanding I  assist you  through your loss so that you may continue your process of healing.

As a Spiritual messenger, I bring you messages that are specifically for you. I look past conscious level of the mind, instead going deep into your cellular memory helping you see what has been hidden from you and bringing forward blocked emotional issues.  As the hidden information comes forward this allows  you to release the old belief systems that have held you in place.