Acts of Kindness

I would like to share with you an experience that I had shortly after my ‘shift of awareness’. I was driving to work on I-5 wondering about and questioning my life, still adapting to the understanding of my expanded awareness. Suddenly my head exploded with images that played like a movie through my mind. This movie was of every good deed, positive word and action that I had ever said or done beginning  at the earliest days of my life continuing on into the present moment. As this live movie played in my mind I felt the emotion of how each word and deed affected every person whose life I had touched.  I felt what they felt, I saw and understood the difference I had made and the impact I had in their life.  It was an amazing experience that should have taken days to view. Yet, this event occurred in the blink of an eye. The message that is relevant in this is we in the human condition continue to focus on what we feel we have done that is harmful. Whether we are the doers of the harm or the receivers of what we feel is harm. We set aside the beauty that we do, not acknowledging it with a stronger force of energy than what we call the negatives of life. Let today be the day that you see and acknowledge the positives that you have done, seeing the beauty you have added to the world. Let today be the day that you honor you and the life you are living. Let today be the day that you see all the kindness and love you have given. You/we are all amazing beings of love……Cherry Divine A Message From the Ancients “We The Ancients see in each moment the perfection you are. At no time do we see less than this. We acknowledge your acts of love….your moments of heart awareness. We do not hold you in that place that negates the beauty of the life you have chosen to live. We honor your lives. We honor you. We see the strides you make into the awareness of life through the density of fear. Through the fluid movement of the energy of love you generate and create a world that is no longer held in the grip of the old illusions. You are becoming further aware of the light you have brought to this physical planet. You are becoming increasingly aware of the effect this light has on all of life. Mother Earth feels and responds to your light. She gently shows you that she wakes from what you have viewed to be her deep sleep to hold your preciousness. Children of Earth remember the rare and amazing beauty that is in this physical life you have chosen. Allow yourself to walk with grace ever feeling the connection to the Source of All Life that is yours. We hold you Dearest Ones in our hearts.”