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It has been a wonderful time of personal growth. This does not mean it has been an easy time. I say that due to so many people I know who have been experiencing many turning points in their lives. These turning points have thrown them into emotional chaos and confusion. Rest assured, this passes as all things pass, bringing with it a stability and understanding we have not experienced in some time.

With these times of change you may be questioning the way you have identified who you are. Your identity may not seem to fit any longer. You may feel an urge to rip or pull away the old identity.  The reason for this is, a very deep level of understanding has risen to the conscious field of your mind. With this understanding you are removing the doesn’t seem to fit to you know you do not fit there any longer.

It is not a time for you to question or worry about this understanding. You have grown exponentially. With this growth you will continue to change not only in your environment, you will also change the environment around you. Your energy field has increased in frequency. With this increase, you are attracting in those people, places, and things that match your changing vibration.

Along with the new coming in, you may notice a change in the way you have responded to others and others have responded to you. This may be in a way that feels disconcerting. Do your best not to attach to yours or other’s distress due to the shift in vibration. Breath into your heart, hold the energy of love, focus this energy through your being and share it with all you know. As you do this, you will find in a short period of time your energies stabilize, preparing you for the next stage in your process.

Let this time of change be a happy time for you.  A time in which you feel your subtle or not so subtle changes occurring in the inner most parts of you. These changes are reminding you, that your outer, or ego self, is now more connected to your inner, or your true essence….your Divine Essence.

Gearhart was Amazing!

All who attended the Gearhart Retreat agreed it was fabulous! It was a time of community, transformation, letting go, and new beginnings.The blend of Vickie Pruitt’s energy and work with my energy and work created a loving space to grow in personal awareness.

I can’t wait for Vickie and my next retreat, maybe June 2020 in Shasta? We are also thinking about a Hawaiian retreat next year. Message me if you are interested in the upcoming retreats. This helps me and my co-facilitators plan our dates and other details for Hawaii, Mount Shasta, and other future retreats.

Now on to how excited I am about the upcoming Mount Shasta Retreat that Lisa Solterbeck and I are facilitating in September. Being in the mystical energy of the mountain supports all in their process of becoming more of their authentic self.

Remember just how fabulous you are! You are one of a kind. You chose to be here to shine. Let your light be seen and felt. Let love be your guiding life force.

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I have a wonderful friend, Sanda Gane, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. She creates the most beautiful and magical pieces of jewelry. I didn’t realize just how magical these necklaces and earrings were until this weekend at the Rasani Fair here in Albany Oregon.

I personally own several of Sanda’s creations. I have been drawn to the necklaces from the first moment I saw them at a roadside market in Naalehu. These pieces of jewelry spoke to me so much that I asked Sanda to make some necklaces that I could bring back to Oregon and sell at my booth during the Rasani Fair.

Opening day of the Rasani Fair was busy and many people were attracted to the necklaces. As they looked at them, I explained they carried the Aloha energy along with the properties of the stones. And of course, Sanda’s amazing energy blesses each piece also. This all felt so right.

While placing the necklaces on my table Sunday morning I heard Lemuria softly whispered through my mind. This sweet whisper was the door opening to the deeper understanding of the energy each necklace carries.

The Hawaiian Islands are known to be above the lands of Lemuria. My Group has spoken to me many times and explained that Lemuria was much larger than many believe it to have been. Lemuria included the West Coast and far into Colorado. For that matter every time my Group speaks of Lemuria and the land it encompasses, they say The Colorados.

What was shown to me throughout the day on Sunday was the sacred temples of Lemuria that sit below the Hawaiian Islands. I was seeing beautiful silver energy coming from the temples entering the stones and materials used in making the necklaces. I could see Sanda as she concentrated in assembling a necklace or pair of earrings unaware of the guidance that was coming to her as she worked. Each stone chosen and laid in the pattern that was precise in its necessity to carry the energy in such a way that it would be most beneficial to the wearer.

I was spell bound by the images and messages being sent into my mind. Whenever there was a moment that was quiet at my booth more information flowed.

Images continued to cascade through my mind. I was shown the necklaces vibrating with energy as I brought them home. There was a brilliant bridge of silver light connecting the necklaces with Lemuria. This light kept arcing over the ocean in the most amazing way. Sparkling and in movement. Almost electrical.

That wasn’t all. I was shown people being called to a specific necklace. There were people in many locations along the West Coast wearing these necklaces and as they did the arcing energy reconnected them to the Lands of Lemuria. I could see how the energy was opening their inner knowledge and wisdom. Re-awakening them to an earlier life in a place of harmony and perfection. Bringing to the surface of their awareness the re-membering of times in which the Earth was brilliant in color, much more brilliant than now. Where all life easily communicated with each other.

What a beautiful gift for me to experience. What is even better, is being able to put it into words and share what I was being shown with others. If you are drawn to Sanda’s work, know there is a purpose other than her necklaces and earrings being spectacular. Let the energy wake you to more of who you are.

When you cannot hear us in your conscious state, we speak to you in your dreams. We say loving words that remind you of the truth of the life you are here to live. The truth is, your life is not a non-stop pursuit of attaining with the outcome then being love and joy.

The truth is, as you live a life in which you feel love and joy, you stay at the level of BEING. This BEING is your natural state of love and joy. With love we say don’t search so hard, don’t strive to be what you are not. We say instead, allow your inner light of love to be what guides you forward in your life….We love you Dearest Ones…We hold you in our hearts as we walk beside you during your days and nights……The AncientsThe other day I woke to the message, “You are living your life so archaic.” I asked what this meant? I was then shown I was doing what I felt was safe and accepted. Entering my day with this message made me start paying attention.

It seems as if my Group is really wanting me to be aware of the direction I was going because today, I woke to this message: I had been moving back into the old energy. The energy that said you “you must do to achieve”. I knew this message was true because I had been feeling the pressure, the uncertainty and the frustration that I felt twenty years ago. The feeling of always trying to attain instead of enjoying and being.

I had to look at this. What was I reaching for? What was it I was hoping to achieve? Why was I giving up myself? And that is what I was doing, giving up myself. That part of me that knows to flow with life. The part that knows I am here to live in a loving reality, that supports the energy of me and my Ancient Self. That part that does not force the messages to come, instead opens and allows the messages to come into this reality in the way that benefits those who are receiving them.

This message has been under the surface for several weeks now and it showed up perfectly in the last Living Your Empowered Life zoom video. I stepped back from the forcing it to be what we are told things should be or look like and allowed. By allowing, the messages of the Ancients were shared in a wonderful uplifting fun way. That is perfect because that is what the intent of the group was all about in the first place.

Not much is changing in what I have been doing other than, I am stepping back and away from the trying, and I say trying because it cannot be done, to force the work I do into the mainstream 'you gotta do it this way framework'. I am moving back into the, I allow this to be what it is meant to be. As I do this the beauty and magic of the work shines through.

I do believe this is why I was guided back to the Hawaiian Islands. On the islands you are reminded to move with the flow of life, not force against it. There is a gentleness and a sweetness that is added to life when this is done.

Is it time to look at your life and ask the question, “Is what I am doing supporting who I am? Or am I doing what I was told I have to do so that I may achieve and become something I was told I am to be?”

I am not saying drop out of your life as it is. What I am saying is, it is time to look at those parts of life that do not support you in a loving and healthy way and be willing to let them go. Be willing to implement a new way that adds joy and love back into your life. Be willing to go deep inside and find who it is you truly are. What it is you want to do. Let go of the, it can’t be done this way, or I am not here to be happy because I must do. Instead, identify what does not feel right to you, try doing things differently, notice what feels great and keep that in your life.

This is your life. Find the way to live your life in which you feel love and support for who you are. That way that brings your smile back to your face. Walk with an open heart and let the world see who you really are. Amazing how that attracts to you, life supporting experiences.

Have a fabulous day!

People ask me how I receive the information that comes to me. And the truth is, the information comes to me in a variety of ways. One of my favorites is to sit down and ask questions, allowing the answers to flow in.

The other day I was preparing for the online Empowered Empath class. I knew there was a specific message for the group that was staying on the outer layer of my thoughts. I decided to use one of the techniques that I employ to draw the information to my conscious mind. I sat down at the computer and began asking questions. Below is how I accessed the information and how it came in.

Q: What is it I am to bring into the consciousness of the women this week in the Empowered Empath class?

A: A strategy that keeps them in the moment of conscious understanding.

Q: What is that strategy?

A: Emboldened ideas. Ideas that change the course of their lives in the moment.

Q: What are the emboldened ideas?

A: Fractionalized thinking.

Q: What is Fractionalized Thinking?               

A: Not thinking into the day in lengthy periods of time. Replace this with thinking in shorter periods of time. The brain is at work at every given moment, racing forward with thoughts of what has been experienced at earlier times. To change this seems a daunting task for many as they are looking to create a full day of new thought.

Fractionalized thinking allows the re-creating of thoughts in time periods that fit the individual. Choose the time that that fits your timeline of thought. Choose these periods to create thoughts that take you to the place you would like to be.

With the empath class this would look something like:

Thought that has been established: “I am not safe out in the world, I go into energy overload.” With this thought there are images of external stimuli with internal damage. This may appear as seeing crowds of others with their energy attacking the believer of this thought. The result is the person loses their sense of self as they are at the mercy of others' energy which now causes them some form of pain. As this occurs, there is a response to this in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Using the fractionalized thought process derails this. During each hour or time period chosen, the individual visualizes a time frame in front of them. This time frame reflects life situations. These may be interactions with family, friends, in public places and so on. With these visualizations comes the image of the individual standing in their light while others are around with no bleed through, energetic connections or other energy depleting images.

Continuing in the visualization, the individual sees their actions, words, reactions and interactions with others fully empowered, seeing themselves strong in their energy fields, their personality, with their individual thoughts, actions and reactions, fully supporting the personality they are now. The individual sees their energy field glowing and strong with colorful energy encasing them with no connection to another.

After this information came in I decided to check online if there was any other information about "Fractionalized Thinking." I found reference to it in areas of math, working with fractions i.e., division. For me that made instant sense. With Fractionalized Thinking we are dividing our thoughts between what we have known to what we wish to experience.

Later that day I went for a walk. As I was walking, I was in my head thinking about love. Of course I was looking at it from what I had experienced up to this point in life. All of the sudden, I "heard" the words, “Fractionalized Thinking.”

Since I was practicing Fractionalized Thinking, I divided my thoughts on love from what I had known as love to this point to experiencing love in a different way. With that I thought, “Show me pure love.” I took two steps then looked to my right and there stood a blue heron. Before I could register that, a beautiful hawk appeared in the sky and his shadow was cast over me as he flew by.

Both of these birds are highly important to me for many reasons, the hawk in particular. I associate the hawk with my late husband. We would be going for a drive somewhere and every few minutes, or so it seemed to me, he would spot a hawk and comment on it.

After his passing, I was driving into Albany and it was already dark. I was missing Rob very much and I was in tears. The next thing I knew, a huge hawk appeared and flew by my windshield. If the windshield had not been there, I would have felt the air on my face from his movement - he was that close.

So for me, in that one moment of Fractionalized Thinking, I saw and felt pure love again. Possibly you can use this technique also. Have a happy day.



In those times of aloneness, you are not alone. As you walk your human journey you are Grace and Beauty even at those times you do not see this. Each moment brings you the promise of a greater understanding. To find this understanding that seems so out of reach is to silence the mind, close your eyes, breath deeply, and begin your journey inward with out judgment or fear. You Children of the Universe are Magnificent Beyond the Scope of Human Understanding……The Ancients

While working with people over the years I have come to realize many people believe I have lived a charmed life. This is not the case. I am writing this to give you a glimpse into my life. It isn’t so different from what other people have experienced. And the same as others, I have asked the question, if I am creating this life why did I choose the experiences I did?

My early life was far from charmed.  I experienced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The adults in my life had alcohol and drug addictions. Violence at times was a daily occurrence. There was little stability and many times, I didn’t know where I was going to be living next. I grew up being the caretaker of those who were supposed to be taking care of me.

The first thirty years of my life reflected what I had learned as a child. I had abandonment and trust issues. I judged myself as harshly as those around me did. I had no voice and one of the only ways I knew how to express was through anger. I slowly and steadily slid into the life I grew up in.

At times I didn’t just fall to my knees, I fell to the point my elbows scraped the ground. I had no idea how to reach out to others. How could I? I had been taught not to trust, not to believe and that I did not deserve.

Those teachings were reflected in my outer reality until I chose to say enough, come to understand the only way this was to change was if I chose to look at myself. There was a part of me that has always understood that I could put the blame for my life being what it was on others but, that was not true and would not help me. Somehow, I knew, that if I wanted change in my life, I had to own it. If I didn’t like what I was choosing to live it was up to me to change it.

Of course, I kept attracting the same types of situations. I began to question them, to look at them differently and allow them to take me into my journey self-awareness. I no longer accepted them as what my life had to be. That is when my life moved forward.

I often read posts about people being strong, fighting against a believed injustice and that they will survive. I used to feel that way. But now, I know what this life has taught me. The experiences in my life taught me compassion, tolerance and understanding. My strength is in my ability to give and receive love. My strength is in not surviving this life but, living it.

This is a time of empowerment. This is a time in which to be compassionate, tolerant, understanding and filled with love. Let it begin with you and move out from you. Have a beautiful day.....Cherry



We have heard your repeated question, "How do I move past this human-ness?  This small ego self?"

Children of the Universe, we remind you, in the infinite wisdom of all that you are, you chose these beautiful selves. There is no mistake. There is no smallness. There is only the experiencing from the reality of who you are in this present moment.

We ask you to no longer dismiss the chosen life as inconsequential, as an imperfection in which you must endure until the day you depart the chosen identity.

In this perfect moment Darling Ones we ask that you allow the light of the Essence of your Being-ness to flow unhindered into the beauty of this life you are walking.

Look around you Darling Ones. The flower that blooms in the spring does not look at the sky and wish it were not in the form it is. The snake that slithers through the tall grasses, stopping to curl up on a rock to bask in the warmth of the sun, is not waiting impatiently to finish the life it has chosen. The insects flutter about, the birds soar through the air, the animals walk the earth. In the waters, life follows the currents with none lamenting about the imperfections of the forms that bring about their experiences.

As with you, the knowledge lives within each as to why the experience was desired, then created into form.

Dear Children of Earth, we ask that you no longer push away the miracle of life you are. Instead, come to understand the wonder of all that you are. Allow the light of your Divine Essence to enter the Being-ness of you.

With our hearts that sing your praises, Dear Ones, we send you the message to cherish this Earthly walk……….The Ancients.


For three days this week I joined a group of over 500 women for the Women’s Rocking Business Conference in Santa Cruz California.  A beautiful women name Sage Lavine had a vision to bring women together with the message they are loved, supported and can create amazing businesses.   Sage, I thank you for this.

One of the many things that I was reminded of is a message that Spirit has been sending to me for many years now and that is, we are not here to do things alone.  This had been a challenge for me much of my life.  Throughout my early years I received the same messages many other people have received and that is, it was not safe to reach out to others and ask for help.  The message that I was not worthy of the love and support of others.  That I could not depend on others and that I would be ridiculed if I did ask someone to be there for me.

Even though I left much of that belief system many years ago as I began to love who I am and to know I, like everyone else is worthy, I kept falling back into the pattern not reaching out to others to share what I was doing or ask for support.  Okay, maybe I would reach out a little but, that is all I would do.

Through the three days of the conference I received the message of the importance of having a tribe.  This message was reinforced repeatedly.  I saw how having a tribe would not only help me but, how by being a part of tribe, I could assist others too.  I came back from the conference and began reaching out too many of the women I had just met and to the women I know to bring together a tribe.  This tribe is not only my support and family, it is support and family for the other members of the tribe.    What a powerful force of life this tribe creates.  An energy that surpasses what I can do alone.

If you are standing out on the sidelines feeling as if you must do things alone.  That your dreams are not worthy or that you are not worthy, I want to tell you now, that is not true.  You are a Divine Being who has come here with a purpose.  You are beautiful.  You are powerful.  You are Amazing.  As you realize this, reach out to others so that you may receive and give love and support.  Bring your tribe together.  This is a gift not only for you, it is also a gift for others. IMG_2680

You have The Now...The Present...Live in this Moment. What has been, has been. It is was an experience. What is to come, is to come. Let this moment be what creates your next moment. Those sound like challenging words. We are taught to look at what we have experienced and judge the experience, ourselves and all that participated in the experience.  If you are reading this, it may be time to let go of that training and….

  • Step to this moment
  • Allow the emotion you feel now
  • If you look backwards at what was, do so with the intent of learning from the experience without any judgment
  • Breath back into this moment
  • Hold love and for yourself
  • Breath into this moment
  • Feel yourself free of the emotion
  • Be happy with you as you are
  • Step forward to the next moment….you do not know exactly what you will find there but, you will know that you have created it free of old judgments and pain.

DLS_4743webLike so many other people I spent a very large part of my life doing my best to be what other people thought I should be.  I was not living life, I was performing in life.  This left me empty, unhappy, and always feeling as if I was not good enough or that I had failed someone.

For me, it was a long daunting journey to finally come to understand that I was o.k. being me.  Yes, I finally understood that there was no way that I could ever please anyone else.  That was being their projection, not who I was nor who I am.  Your journey does not have to be so long nor so daunting.  You are taking the steps now with the support of many.    IMG_2733       IMG_2794

The journey to claiming yourself is a worthwhile journey.  The journey to be you, is a journey that takes you to the destination you deserve and that is loving yourself.  Once you love who you are as you are, you will find that yes, some people fall away while others stay by your side.  You will also attract in new people who love you as you are.  Your life will change.  You will find more positive experiences come your way.  You will also find that you now understand that you deserve these positive experiences.

It is good to understand that not everyone who falls away will stay gone, some come back.  When this happens, you have a stronger relationship than you had before.  The reason it is stronger is, you are centered in you.  You are showing your true self, not a reflection of what you believe they wanted you to be.

There are two weeks until the Hawaiian Experience Retreat.  I realize that some people may not view this as enough time to prepare.  Yet, if you are meant to be there, the preparation is already in place.  It is a matter of trusting.

This retreat is about self-love, self-claiming, and self-empowerment.  This is Vickie and my second retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The first one was pure magic.   Each day was an experience of growth, love, and enjoyment.  You may visit to read more about the retreat.

We have two spaces left so, if you have entertained the idea of coming along with us, this is the time to do it!  Contact Vickie Pruitt at 541.990.7301 or email her at   Ask about the how to receive the price for the early bird sign up.  It is time for you to fully embrace and love you.

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Being Present and Creating New

It is interesting that we attract new people into our lives with the intention of having a new experience.  Yet, when the new people enter, in record time we place them into the role someone else has played in our life.  What is even more interesting is, we are not aware of doing this because we have convinced ourselves our reactions are justified due to outdated alarms going off in our heads telling us we must protect ourselves.

This saying has been replaying in my mind lately, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", I can easily see that we cannot create anything new by projecting onto another our thoughts, feelings and reactions that came from the result of a different person or a different time in our lives. 

Part of the spiritual walk is to be willing to look at ourselves with as much honesty as possible so, that we may let go of what no longer serves us.  With each step we take in life we have come to a place of a new understanding if we are willing to see this.  That means looking at ourselves and others with patience, tolerance, and compassion.   It’s also important to remember with self-care and self-love, we become more accepting and loving towards ourselves and others.

 A few indications the old patterns are in control of your life and not you:

  • Starting any thought or sentence with, “This always happens” or “You always do” Nothing always happens the same and no one always does the same thing.This type of thought is a defense mechanism that shuts you off and shuts the other person out.Nothing new can come into your life by holding this thought.

When you feel yourself going there or having gone there, take a break and think for a moment about the situation.  Remind yourself this is a new person who has a completely different life experience than you have.   Ask yourself where the need to shut down and block the other person is coming from.   As you do this, you may find that another person or event from earlier comes into your mind that has nothing to do with the person you are with now.  Make a mental note to be present with the person you are with, do not project onto them and later go back to that earlier time so, that you may heal the emotional wound.

  • The conversation has moved forward in a direction that adds understanding to the issue, and you agree with the direction of the conversation yet, you reach back to the earlier issue that was cleared up, not letting go of it like a dog shaking the life out of an old chew toy.

This may be the part of you that felt powerless at an earlier time in your life that still needs to be recognized as being right so, that you feel as if you have won.  There is not necessarily winning in a discussion with a person.  There is understanding and coming to comprehension of how the other person views the situation.  There is no losing for either person when this is done.  There is only coming to more closeness as each person’s view it acknowledged which allows for compromise. 

  • You do not listen to the words the other person is saying or discount everything they say. The ego is in control at this point not the heart. Take a breath and move out of the ego and into the heart.
  •  You start acting childish. This happens because the adult self is not there.The issues of the child self-have not been resolved. 

There are many more indicators yet, it is best to start with only a few so, you don’t become overwhelmed.

A short checklist that assist you in seeing your patterns:

  • Is the current situation the main upset or did the situation trigger an earlier memory of an upsetting time?
  • Are you being present and listening to the person speaking to you?
  • Are you only willing to argue or make the other person wrong?
  • Are you reacting without allowing understanding?
  • Are you belittling, berating, or otherwise dishonoring the other person?
  • Do you feel the need to put up defensive barriers?
  • Are you placing yourself in the role of the victim?
  • Are you wanting to win without regard to the person or the actual issue?

These are only a few questions that allow you to check in on your motives. 

A short list to assist in creating a new positive outcome:

  • Remind yourself by having a disagreement neither person is wrong, you are only seeing things from a different viewpoint.
  • Can you grow emotionally or spiritually by hearing the other persons point of view?
  • Compromise with each party allows a solution where everyone benefits.
  • Allowing each person to speak while the other agrees to listen without preconceived ideas or projections.
  • What positive outcome do you want to occur from this?
  • How can you help that happen?
  • Are you in your heart or in your ego?
  • What does this person add to your life?
  • What are their positive attributes?
  • Revisit your childhood issues with love

Again, this is only a short list of the many questions you can ask yourself to create a better outcome.  You are the creator of your life.   Do you want to create the same old, same old or something new and better?  Where you apply your energy will attract in the end results. 

Many blessings.......Cherry