Growing Pains

Each day we are pressing ourselves forward to grow.  To grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  We attract in what is necessary for this growth.  At times, what we attract in is very uncomfortable.   If we allow ourselves to look past the discomfort we allow ourselves to see what area in our life we are […]

Walking the human path

Contemplative mood today.  Checking in with myself which is a good thing.  Is what I have attracted into my life supporting who I am?  Who I wish to be?  Is it riddled with the pitfalls of life before awareness?  Of course it is.  That is part of the process.  One more lesson on how to […]

Living Life To The Fullest

There are people who look at my life now and say things such as, “you are so brave,” or “you are so lucky.” I don’t know if that is the case. I grew up like many people living in a world that did not support who I was. I saw myself through other people’s lenses […]

Falling Back into Old Patterns

Falling back into an old pattern is so very easy to do. You take the steps that you are told will assist you in creating the life you choose to have. This is a matter of asking yourself what you really want to have and experience. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What […]

What do I want to be? Why, I want to be me.

While speaking with a friend of mine today this little bit of information came up. We are churning up the old energy. As it churns and rumbles through us we feel a bit as if there is no movement in our life. With this also comes a feeling of emotional disconnect. There may be a […]

Be the Change

Another article appeared on my Facebook page filled with concern over the hate and judgement in our world. The writer of the article wonders what direction mankind is headed in? It is good to ask this question. By asking yourself this question you can decide if you agree with the direction or not. If you […]

Life’s Adventures

What an exciting time it is! There are so many life changes occurring that at times it may seem overwhelming. Yet, by stopping and taking a deep breath and grounding into beautiful Mother Earth all of the overwhelm dissolves. Each day is bringing new adventures. To live these adventures means no longer standing on the sidelines […]

What is it we do?

Many times I am ask what it is I do. What I do is this, I practice loving and accepting myself unconditionally.   I do this to the best of my ability in the human walk that I walk. By that I mean there are times seeing my perfection is just as challenging as other’s seeing theirs. […]

Your Life’s Roadmap

Dearest Children, You chose this wonderful adventure you call life. In this adventure you chose many roads to take. The roads waver before you as you travel forward on them. You cannot see exactly where they lead or what will come onto your path. This is nothing to worry about….nothing to fear. There are many […]