Question Your Direction

When you cannot hear us in your conscious state, we speak to you in your dreams. We say loving words that remind you of the truth of the life you are here to live. The truth is, your life is not a non-stop pursuit of attaining with the outcome then being love and joy. The […]

Fractionalized Thinking

People ask me how I receive the information that comes to me. And the truth is, the information comes to me in a variety of ways. One of my favorites is to sit down and ask questions, allowing the answers to flow in. The other day I was preparing for the online Empowered Empath class. […]

A Glimpse Into My Life

In those times of aloneness, you are not alone. As you walk your human journey you are Grace and Beauty even at those times you do not see this. Each moment brings you the promise of a greater understanding. To find this understanding that seems so out of reach is to silence the mind, close […]

Now Is a Time of Great Remembering

Mankind is now in their time of Great Remembering. The time of remembering that through their thoughts, their actions and their beliefs they are creating. They are in the time of remembering that one path may have been shown, yet it is not the only path available to be taken. Mankind is remembering they are […]

Your Chosen Human Skin

We have heard your repeated question, “How do I move past this human-ness?  This small ego self?” Children of the Universe, we remind you, in the infinite wisdom of all that you are, you chose these beautiful selves. There is no mistake. There is no smallness. There is only the experiencing from the reality of […]

Create Your Tribe

For three days this week I joined a group of over 500 women for the Women’s Rocking Business Conference in Santa Cruz California.  A beautiful women name Sage Lavine had a vision to bring women together with the message they are loved, supported and can create amazing businesses.   Sage, I thank you for this. One […]

This Moment

You have The Now…The Present…Live in this Moment. What has been, has been. It is was an experience. What is to come, is to come. Let this moment be what creates your next moment. Those sound like challenging words. We are taught to look at what we have experienced and judge the experience, ourselves and […]


As I read the headlines, I said a little prayer and asked my ‘Group’ to help me understand what was happening and to assist us in this time of unrest.  As soon as I said this prayer the word ‘juxtaposition” was whispered through my mind not once but, three times. As I wondered why this […]

We are perfect expressions of perfect LOVE

I am/we are a perfect expression of perfect LOVE here and now…..Richard Bach I was in a mall in Yakima Washington when I bought my first copy of ‘Illusions:  The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”.  As I came out of the bookstore I looked for a bench to sit on.  No bench in sight, I […]

A Testimonial

Thank you so much Andrea for this wonderful testimonial of the Hawaiian Experience Retreat.  It was a joy and an honor to co-host this amazing event…..Cherry I took part in Cherry and Vickie’s Hawaii Experience retreat on the Big Island in late January/early February 2017, and wow, what an experience it was!  Actually it was […]