Dragon Magic

Dragons remind of us of the pure magic of life. They challenge us. Dragons remind of us of our inner strength, courage and ability to meet challenges. I was writing a short story in which the dragon was used as a metaphor for the challenges we face in life. We all have them. We have the ability of letting these challenges eat us alive or we have the ability to face whatever the challenge may be and to tame it or come to peace with the hiccup in our life.

Now….a dragon if you were walking with this formable creature, he (or she for there are female dragons of course) would tell you without hesitation of the magic that dragons carry. They are more than willing to push you to your limits or if in the mood gently bow down to allow you to climb upon their back for a ride that matches no other.

Imagine if you will for one moment, sitting upon the back of a mighty dragon as his wings whip through the air, his tail creating its own current that moves through the air touching the tree tops, as you soar through the skies. What a magical moment that would be…..