Energy Blocks

Thinking back to yesterday’s (9-9-2015) topic on Something Brewin’ drew me to looking into the tension I carry in my shoulders which causes my muscles to tighten. I decided to take my time today and focus on the energy that has been blocked there. Not as one thing, instead as individual burdens or pressures I had locked into that area causing my energy to be unable to flow smoothly.

It has been an interesting and informative experience. In my mind’s eye I saw strands of energy that were unmoving. I would look at one strand of energy at a time. Each strand held its own message of a self-imposed burden caused by a belief or experience. As I looked at each strand and reflected on the message that was there I gave myself permission to release not only the belief….also the self-imposed burden. I also gave myself permission to set down the self-inflicted load I had placed on my own shoulders. For different experiences I stepped into forgiveness while I let go of the idea of responsibility. It may sound odd to mention the responsibility yet, much of the blocked energy was due to the judgment of being responsible. I began to view each strand as an experience for personal growth. Have you noticed that I have mentioned self-inflicted or self-imposed throughout this? There is a reason for this. The reason is….no one else inflicted or imposed the burdens I carried on my shoulders. Each was placed there by what I believed and held to me. No one else has insisted I carry the weight of my self-imposed burdens. Think it’s time to view what you have carried around? Very freeing….and guess what!? I have more movement in my neck and shoulders now.

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