8-2-12 Tim at Fern Ridge V

There are times it is forgotten that to create takes thought along with energy. Where thought and energy flow the attraction is, your world becomes your thoughts which create the flow of the focus of your energy.

Become aware of your thoughts. Guide them gently away from the habitual focus of fear. For you see the patterns of mankind’s thoughts many times are habits that have been established in times before then passed on from generation to generation. The energy following the same course.

Mankind holds easily to the belief of limits forgetting they are limitless in their ability to create. As they move their thoughts from the grip of fear it is remembered they are more. This movement creates a vibrational increase which benefits the life they live. As their life increases in the rise of energy it is felt by others. These others may allow their fear to fall away. They may too create a vibrational increase in their energy body changing the life that was accepted as if it was all they could do.

We ask you, The Children of Earth to choose to hear your thoughts. As they hold fast to the worrisome fear. Remember it is you that has the ability to change their course. This is not as hard as you believe. It is only a matter of understanding your patterns. When the fear is in place consciously choose to focus on any form of life that brings you feelings of beauty, peace or love.
If standing in pain acknowledge pain exist yet, it is not the only existence. It is habitual to hold the idea of pain allowing the energy to flow freely there. It is your challenge to redirect your thoughts to love, shifting the course of the energy that flows from you…The Ancients

Exercise: When in a moment of fear which is felt by discontent, pain, loneliness and so on make the conscious decision to refocus your thoughts. Choose something to focus on that brings you a feeling of positive-ness. This can be as simple as a child’s smile, the formation of a cloud a flower, a poem, a memory that is joyous…the list is as unending as the list of fear is. Pay close attention to the change in what you think along with the feeling it brings. Practice this all throughout your days.