Growing Pains

Each day we are pressing ourselves forward to grow.  To grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  We attract in what is necessary for this growth.  At times, what we attract in is very uncomfortable.   If we allow ourselves to look past the discomfort we allow ourselves to see what area in our life we are stretching, reaching out and growing in.  We may acknowledge a behavior, thought or way of life is no longer beneficial to us.

When we have placed limits on ourselves we attract in the people or conditions that bring to light the self-imposed limits.  We do this not to have adversaries or bring pain into our lives.  We do this because we are ready to consider the fears that have created those limits.  With this we can go inward and see the fear at its core, why we put in place the limit and see that it does not serve us any longer.  We are ready to move past it.

We may put ourselves in the position to assert a behavior or reaction we thought was no longer present in ourselves.  As this behavior comes up it is not to cause pain.  It is to show that there is another layer to penetrate that allows for further potential of growth.  We may look at this behavior and ask the question, “Is this who I am?”  If the answer is no, which is very likely the case, then you can look at where this behavior served you in an earlier time.  Where it protected you.  You then are in a space to heal the emotions of that time and put in place a new thought, action and reaction.

As you grow, you will find that what you have put in place now doesn’t serve you later.   You will have grown even more and will require considering and putting in place new.

If we remember to be in our hearts as often as possible we continue through this path of personal growth in a way of compassion, tolerance and love.  This is not just for ourselves, it is for all who participate in our growth.  It allows us to look outside of ourselves and understand that like us, others are going through the same growth.  We can put in place personal forgiveness and forgiveness for other’s.

Take the time to look at what has caused you discomfort.  What has caused you to react or bring up an old behavior.  What it is that caused you to throw up an emotional wall or scamper away.  Look at what brings you to place blame, shame or guilt.  Then, even in your discomfort thank the person or situation.  You have drawn to you what you need to grow.

There are no accidents and nothing just happens to us.  We are amazing creators that are choosing to step out of creating our realities through fear.  We are choosing to create from love and personal empowerment.  To do that, we go into the shadows of life.  It will not stay this way.  One day we will remember all we need to do is love and create change.

Until that day, I thank each person that has stepped into my life to assist me to question myself, move me past out dated beliefs and my fears that have created self-imposed limits.  All of this brings me further into my heart so, that I may create with love not fear.