Life Changes

In Oct. of 2012 my life changed dramatically when my husband passed due to colon cancer.  I stayed in a fog for several months.  As I slowly came out of this fog I knew I had to begin my life again.  With this knowledge came  the realization that I had identified myself as wife, mother and then grandmother for so many years that I no longer knew who I was as an individual.

I was asked by my friends what my interest were?  What is it I liked doing?  When I would think about these things the images that came to my mind always included the people who I had wrapped myself around for so many year.  I had forgotten the person I had been before them.  This is nothing new for people.  When we begin families our focal point is no longer on just us.  We become enmeshed in the dynamics of our family unit.

With this understanding I began the process of getting to know myself again.  To do this was simple.  Each day I challenge myself to do one new thing.  This does not have to be a big thing, all it has to be is different than what I have created as the routine of my life.  It may be as easy as talking to one new person, looking up a word, walking a different route or any other simple change in my life.  Or I may choose something larger than that such as embarking on that adventure that I always wanted to go on because I wanted to know and experience what was out there that I had not seen or experienced yet.  The importance of this is for me is to find myself once again.  What are my likes?  What are my interest?  To try new things that add to my life experience.

You do not have to wait until a large life change occurs  to begin the process of finding who you are.  Instead of staying in the daily routine, identifying yourself in the same old way challenge yourself.  Do one new thing each day.  You may find that not only does it add to your life, it may add to the lives of those around you.