Life’s Adventures

Your light created and posted on FB Dec. 16, 2015

What an exciting time it is! There are so many life changes occurring that at times it may seem overwhelming. Yet, by stopping and taking a deep breath and grounding into beautiful Mother Earth all of the overwhelm dissolves.

Each day is bringing new adventures. To live these adventures means no longer standing on the sidelines of your life, instead actively pursuing your dreams. This is the time to ask what it is that you love doing? What have you been preparing for your whole life? It is the time to give yourself permission to fully embrace who you are and the life you are choosing to live.

Now that you have taken that deep breath and connected to Mother Earth take the time to hear your inner voice. You know that voice. The voice that came from deep inside of you as a soft whisper at first. The persistent voice that increased and you said “shhhhh…..I can’t do that.” The voice that said “Oh yes you can” so loudly that you could no longer ignore it, pushing you out of your comfort zone so that you can live your full potential. Yes….it is time to live your life and your dreams.

These are some of the adventures my inner voice has led me to. First workshops and retreats are being highlighted. Spirit has brought beautiful people into my life that share my desire to bring awareness and empowerment to others. Tomorrow (6-11-2016) I will be combining my abilities with Wolfdreamer who is an amazing astrologist and psychic, for a one-day workshop in Lebanon Oregon at the Waterloo Park. She and I will be doing a second workshop on July 30th, 2016 in Merlin Oregon at Indian Mary Park.

If that isn’t exciting enough I am facilitating a workshop with Vickie Pruitt who is a vibrational healer.  We have chosen the Big Island of Hawaii as the magical space to hold this retreat.  We are in the midst of preparing this now. Our tentative dates are somewhere between January 26th and February 4th 2017. If you are interested in participating in this event, please let me know because it will be a limited group and we do want to make sure that all who would like to attend are included.

Oh yes! What amazing times these are……….Cherry Divine

You are the creator of your life. Through your dreams and aspirations you follow the direction of your soul. Let your heart be your compass. Let your heart light your way. Children of Earth allow yourselves to see the greatness of who you are. See the amazing Creators you have always been. No longer languishing in the shadows of fear. You are supported by all of life. We embrace you with love……..The Ancients