Living YOUR Empowered Life

Living YOUR Empowered Life

 Join me, Cherry Divine, for Living YOUR Empowered Life.

This Monthly Membership Program starts Thursday, February 21

Cost: Just $40 per month

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The Living YOUR Empowered Life Program will include two monthly Zoom meetings, beginning at 6pm Pacific. Each meeting will be highly interactive and will last 1 to 1 ½ hours each. On Facebook, we will have a closed group where we will post each zoom video and where the members can go for support and discussion.

Why the Living YOUR Empowered Life Program?

 Making the Journey to the Sacred that lives within us can often be challenging. We step blissfully into moments of clarity, love, peace and empowerment only to have external influences draw our attention away, create doubt or undermine the steps that we have taken.

This membership program is for those who:

  • Are consciously choosing to walk the path of self-awareness
  • Are willing to look deeply inward
  • Want a loving community that supports their journey
  • Have been looking for a safe place to voice their thoughts and concerns

This program is designed to assist you in expanding your awareness, claim your inner truth and wisdom, trust your intuition, believe in and love who you are by providing you with tools, support and guidance.

In this group of like-minded people, you will find the safety, love and support you have been looking for. Each meeting will address what is important to the members, look at where each is at in their journey, what triggers their fears or disrupts their forward momentum. You will receive channeled guidance plus simple practices and tools that assist you in claiming your truth and Living YOUR Empowered Life.

In this group you will discuss and receive the tools that allow you to:

  • Connect with your Essence
  • Embrace and trust your intuition
  • Understand your empathetic nature
  • Communicate with your Inner Wisdom, Guides and Angels
  • Identify, understand and release old patterns
  • Recognize learned behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Look into the mirrors that life brings you
  • Love and accept who you are
  • Receive and accept compassionate guidance
  • Recognize and hold the positive changes you have created
  • Receive support for each step along your journey

What people said about the Empowered Empath Classes:

 These testimonials from our recent Empowered Empath Classes will give you an idea of how the Living YOUR Empowered Life Program will assist you on your Sacred Journey. You will benefit not just from the direction of Cherry Divine, but also from this amazing group of like-minded people. We walk our path much more easily when we reach out to and support each other.

Connection with Cherry and the Ancients is communion at a cellular level. Cherry creates a space that is completely authentic, which in day to day life can sometimes not be available. A space of unconditional love where we can reach out, open up and learn about ourselves. A platform of support, allowing us to come to a place of remembering (have goosebumps head to toe) the infinite beings we are. To become aware and reach beyond the learned beliefs and patterns. Support to grow into all we can be. I am grateful….with boundless gratitude❣️✨ Gaywynn


Cherry helps people connect/reconnect with their spiritual essence/inner being. You help people remember who they are, and how to find their inner power/strength. You help people to navigate the difficult seasons of life while simultaneously showing them the role they play in creating their life experience – which ultimately gives people the tools they need to overcome their challenges if they so wish.

 The greatest benefit I have received from working with Cherry is to be reminded that I am worthy of a good life and that I possess the personal power to attain that life. I just have to get out of my own way and let it in! 

 The class supported my journey by offering a safe and like-minded group of people that I can come to for guidance and comradery. I came to the realization of how important having a support network is in life! 

I believe having a safe and supportive community of like-minded people that I can turn to for guidance and understanding, and to whom I can offer my help when needed has benefited me and will continue to benefit my journey….Anne


This was a great class! So nice to have a consistent avenue to maintain the spiritual connection with likeminded people walking this path in the human experience.

 Cherry’s wonderful, caring, down to earth, positive, and upbeat personality shine through always in all aspects of what she does.

Cherry’s input is like having a Life Coach at the Highest Level. She is so relatable, that you feel like you are having a conversation w a friend – a wise friend – since she brings in the higher vibrations, dimensions and messages that are integrated with her personality.

She is so good at hearing what you say, providing relevant background knowledge & information and suggesting positive ways to help.

 Cherry has an intuitive knack for knowing exactly your perspective around your concern, making her comments, insights and suggestions so valuable and “right on”.

 Cherry has that beautiful combination of having the Metaphysical knowledge combined with suggestions, visualizations, and meditations to implement in your daily life.

I use many of the suggestions and visualizations learned in this class on a regular basis and remember other principles to re-visit and explore going forward.

 In sum – the ‘Cherry – or Divine – affect’

I have found Cherry’s insights, suggestions and knowledge to be of great comfort as I move through the major and minor stress events in my life. Whatever the concern – big or small, physical or emotional – I always ‘feel’ better, more stable, grounded, w less worry and have a sense of how to move forward after speaking with Cherry. 

What a Blessing that is!

 Cherry’s insights, visualizations, and mediations help to restore balance, clear blocked thinking, emotions, and stuck patterns – all allowing you to personally grow at your own pace.

I have learned, healed and grown spiritually and as a person by connecting with Cherry.

I highly and whole heartedly recommend Cherry’s classes, workshops, events and services – she is Amazing!

BTW, I love it when the Ancients come in!  We’re all like “Wow”!  their messages are varied, just as they are different Beings that come through – yet all messages are beautiful, profound and loving. Very special indeed. 💖 Debra