Mount Shasta Retreat: Finding Your ‘True North’

Your True North

3 Day Mt. Shasta Retreat  

Your True North is the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level.

The gentle energy touches you long before you arrive at the small town of Shasta nestled at the base of Mount Shasta. The pureness of the energy calls to awaken your Soul, bringing with it a sense of peace that allows a feeling of deep comfort and relaxation as the hectic day to day life drops away. In the beauty and magic of the mountain you will find the perfect place to go inward, re-calibrate and find your True North.

What does it mean to find your “True North”

The same as a compass point toward a magnetic field, your “true north” is compiled of your deepest beliefs and principles, it is your internal compass which is unique to who you are. When you are completely in sync with your “true north” you feel the magic of who you are. You feel alive, confident and can claim yourself without hesitation.

During this three-day retreat in the magical energy of Mount Shasta Cherry Divine and Lisa Solterbeck will assist you in going inward so that you may reconnect, reclaim and fully embrace all that you are.

Mount Shasta and the Lemurian Connection

Mount Shasta is well known for the city of Telos the underground home of the Lemurian people. The land of Lemuria was in existence over 14,000 years ago. Lemuria was populated by a highly developed people. The prophets of the time understood a change was coming to Earth. As this change came to their awareness the people of Lemuria spent 2000 to 3000 years preparing for the time the beings on Earth would be ready once again for the advanced information that would lead humankind back a world of harmony and balance once again on Earth.

Cherry’s first experience with Mount Shasta was in 1974. At that time, she was not aware of her connection to the Lemuria or its inhabitants. It was not until after her ‘activation’ and re-connection with her Ancient Self the information began surfacing in her awareness.

Through this connection Cherry channels messages and activation codes of ancient Lemuria.

Connect with the MAGICAL ENERGIES of Mount Shasta!

Move through the old programs and release what is no longer supporting you.  Find your inner compass, your ‘true north’ allowing your deepest knowledge to be what guides each step you take on your life path

This retreat is an opportunity to anchor into the physical your DREAMS… so they may become your REALITY!

  • Guided Meditations
  • Group Exercises
  • Intensive healing work
  • Personal messages from the Ancients
  • Sacred walks for soul re-connection
  • Lemurian Light Code Activation


Cherry Divine, earthy yet, out of this world

Cherry Divine is a world-renowned channel who’s work centers around self-love, self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-empowerment. As the voice of The Ancients, a Consciousness of Love, in a very down to earth way, Cherry shares the messages and guidance that supports each person on their journey of personal awareness.

One of Cherry’s many specialties is tapping into the messages hidden in the sub-conscious mind.  The purpose of this is to free the person from the outdated beliefs that come from the early life teachings which have kept the person from being their fullest life expression.

Known for her relatability, humor and in-depth understanding, Cherry takes each person on a journey of in-depth awareness assisting them in freeing from self-defeating patterns. With the communications of the Consciousness of Love, she assist people in opening to the adventure and magic their life was always meant to be.

Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon attribute to Cherry’s signature style of sharing the information and life tools that assist people in re-creating the lives. With her down-home manner, she assists people from all walks of life in loving who they are, realizing their full potential and sharing this with the world.

With guidance from The Consciousness of Love she brings channeled messages that works with the energy within your physical body, facilitating health for the mind, body and soul. Guiding you into the remembering the knowledge you carry within your cellular structure. Find more information about Cherry on the web at:

Cherry Divine Intuitive Facebook Page


Lisa Solterbeck: LCSW, CHt, Intuitive, Empath

Lisa’s expertise comes from years of practice in her holistic healing center, Journeys…A Center for Your Soul in Salem, OR, that she co-owns with her partner Torrii Rogers. She has served thousands of clients and helped them through trauma, soul work, and awakenings.

She assists individuals as they move through blockages and is currently writing a theory from her years of work in grounded theory, called Essence Illumination. It explores and illuminates the trapped essence of the individual which allows them to become what they are meant to be. This modality is expressed in love and with the full understanding that we do not “heal” anyone, we just hold a sacred space so the blocked energy can pass. She is looking forward to assisting you in merging the beautiful aspects of yourself into the life you have always wanted and desired.

Remember to always inquire within....

To find more information about Lisa and Journeys…A Center for Your Soul, visit:



       Retreat Cost per person: $495  


3 Day Mt. Shasta Retreat   September 13th, 14th and 15th

Friday      1 PM – 6 PM                                                                                                                      Saturday  9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday    10 AM – 4 PM

To sign up contact Cherry at: or call 541-905-4185

Space is limited to 12 Participants


Location of the Retreat:
Mt. Shasta Retreat Center
812 Holiday Court, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067













Excursion to Mt. Shasta City Park

Headwaters of the Sacramento River

Bring some jugs and collect some of this magical water!


Visit Crystal & Metaphysical Shops






Explore and Hike Mt. Shasta







Suggestions on where to book your overnight stay

Swiss Holiday Lodge
2400 S. Mount Shasta Blvd
Mount Shasta, California 96067
Phone: (530) 926-3446 or

This small quaint hotel has an amazing and unobstructed view of Mount Shasta. It is only 3 miles from retreat center with good rates, hot tub, pool and continental breakfast 7am-10am included.