The Empowered Empath Workshop


Thursday nights 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific
November 8, 15 & 29

Cost: $99

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I invite you to join me for The Empowered Empath Workshop. Whether you have been on your spiritual path for many years or have just begun your journey, this workshop is for you.

The holidays can be a stress-filled time for people, and that is especially so for the Empath. During the holidays there is often more direct interaction with the immediate family and friends. For many this re-awakens patterns established early in childhood that dis-empower the individual.

This workshop is an informative and empowering three-week course that will assist you with living comfortably with your empathetic nature during the holidays. The class will assist you in identifying your energetic connection to those closest to you as you learn to use discernment to identify what are your true feelings from those of family members/friends. You will gain techniques to block and release energy from those around you. And you will learn how to transmute energy you have picked up to Love.

The empath is not only affected by the family during the holidays, but also by the outside influences of others. As much as we do not like to look at the holidays as anything other than cozy family times and good cheer, that is not always the case. For many it is a time of anxiety, sadness and feelings of overwhelm. As an empath, you may absorb these emotions from others which increases feelings of distress for you.

This workshop will be held on Zoom. (Go here to learn about joining a Zoom meeting.)

Please include your email address when signing up. After you sign up, a link to join will be sent to your email address. There will be a different link for each segment of the workshop.

We will cover topics such as:

  • Identifying your energetic connection with loved ones and how it plays out during the holidays
  • Using discernment to determine what you feel and gracefully sending others' energy back to them
  • Staying an empowered adult during the holidays.
  • How to use discernment
  • Being consciously aware of when you are affected by the energy of family members
  • Consciously choosing your actions and reactions to those around you
  • Consciously choosing happiness during the holiday season

Why is this class so important for you? Coming to understand your empathetic nature, using discernment and setting boundaries allows you to live your life more fully without the distraction or complications of always being affected by another's energy. The information you receive from the workshop will allow you to live your life more comfortably in your own skin,

Below are basic outlines for each week. 'The Ancients will be assisting in each class session. The energy and information will follow what is necessary for all attendees.

You will find class members are called together due to similarities in life experiences, questions and information that is beneficial to each participant.

Each class will be:

  • 1 hour with a ½ hour question and answer period afterwards.
  • Recorded on Zoom and posted on a private web page so you may go back and review as you please.
  • Insightful
  • Instructional
  • Empowering
  • Filled with opportunities for personal understanding

Class I

  • Recognizing early family patterns
  • Understand how these patterns still affect you today
  • How to send family energy back to its source with love
  • Discern your own energy from that of family members

Class II

  • Loving your empathic nature through the holidays
  • How the awareness of being empathetic empowers you any time of year
  • The importance of staying aware of your empathic nature

Class III

  • Feel, recognize and release others' energy
  • Staying in your power as you send out energy of love during the holidays

How the Empowered Empath Workshop is changing lives:

Light worker warriors 🙌🏻✨ 💓thank you ladies for sharing. As we join, we are all empowered and lifted. The vibrational level in my home shifted and there was a contagious effect on my husband! The power of thought was confirmed. We need only to ground, go to our heart space and surround ourselves with light and love, send that magic out. 

Fractional living, how perfect ‼️ I focus on being present in the moment, knowing that by making the best choices in front of me, my future will unfold in miraculous ways.


The difference I feel before and after each class is palpable! It's like this billowy drape of serenity drifts down from the heavens and envelopes me in the warmest embrace of love, security and acceptance. Every "thing", every "expectation" every "judgement" (self-imposed and otherwise) melts away and all that remains is a sense of being whole; in perfect empowered alignment with myself, the beautiful ladies sharing this particular experience, and with God. It's evolved into an absolute sacred time for me that fills my heart each week. I am so grateful for all of you! 💞💖💞


Good morning!I'm experimenting with something to help send others' energy back, because just saying "send it back" didn't seem to give me enough "detail" on how to do it (you know me -- I'm detail-oriented ☺) .  So I visualize my own energy radiating out from my heart center (as we talked about doing), and in doing that, my energy "pushes out" the others' energies.  In other words, instead of sending others' energies back with love and then establishing a buffer of light/love, I send their energy back in the act of establishing my buffer of light/love -- and since that buffer includes the love, that love is pushing their energy back -- sending it back with love.  Does that make sense?  

I really loved our first class.  It's an interesting mix of people.  As far as I can tell I've never been that bothered by others' energies -- not to the point that some of the people were talking about, where they feel people/animals' energy so intensely that it interferes with their daily lives.  I want to learn about both buffering myself from others' energy and how to feel others' energies more intensely/precisely, when I choose to do so -- how to "tune in" to people/animals' energies.  I know a lot of that is just getting out of my head and paying more attention to what's happening in the moment, but I'm looking forward to whatever you/the Ancients will have to say about how to do that.


Morning Cherry and Nancy!

I've in 3 hours since beginning my day, become more aware of my thought/feeling stream and asked myself whose energy am I feeling several times an hour.

At the end of last night’s session, when you spoke of putting ourselves first, been reminded of old patterning.  How much I have lived my life within the frame of someone else’s reality.... WOW!!!!!!

Giving myself permission today to own my power, declare what I want, voice what I feel, release what no longer serves me

In the span of four hours this morning- my power chakra is pulsating, I feel a sense of peaceful liberating freedom  🙂  Just WOW !!!

 Blessings, Love... Gaywynn

What a wonderful series... I am learning so much!

I have not listened to the replay yet but I believe you said when we vibrate higher in light and fully-functioning chakras we attract happy loving situations. (Maybe not in those exact words). A light came on!  My husband and I stayed a night at the beach 2 werkends ago and it was miraculously magical....He was pleasant and agreeable the whole time, which is not normally the case.  I could not figure out why the difference until you said we attract more of what we desire when we vibrate higher and attract what we put out there!

I can't wait for bedtime so I can ask memories to come forward in my dream state...When I was at the Shasta retreat last year with you.  a sweet  Lemurian came through with a message for me. We were on  a MT. SHASTA  trail.  I guess Mt. SHASTA WANTS to be capitalized...Lol. I was not purposely capitalizing. 

The visualization you did with us tonight regarding life in Lemurian  times felt so familiar.  I would love to live  right now in a place where our footsteps never hurt anything... When I walk at the wetlands I am worried about stepping on and hurting those sweet little fuzzy brown and black caterpillars who are scurrying to take shelter in the leaves before the cold arrives.. 

So  these lessons you teach are surfacing in me  some old wounds that I thought had healed.  I appreciate  the tools you offer to assist us in the healing process. 

With love and gratitude…. Kathy


Won't you join us for a truly live changing experience?

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