My Services


This page about my services is designed to assist you in receiving the most benefit from your session. Looking at the full page may help you in focusing on the area that is the most important to you at this time. 

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First and foremost I am a communicator. I bring you information and guidance from the Collective Consciousness of Love that are here to help you on your life journey. Each source has its own vibrational level, and this is often felt and seen as the energy enters. We at the physical level love to attach a name to people, places and things for the purpose of identifying them. Here are a few of the “names” that are given to the energies that come in to answer your questions with the intention of assisting you on your journey:

  • The Ancients
  • The Angelic Realm
  • The Ascended Masters
  • Inter-Dimensional Travelers
  • Star Elders
  • Loved Ones Who Have Crossed

With the entrance of the new paradigm, it is essential that a session include more than predictions of your future. Information that you are creating at every moment through your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions is also to be included, along with what you can do to shift the energy and create the life you choose. Messages and inspiration come in from the “higher realms” along with practical guidance that can be applied to day-to-day life.

During a session, I “see” the people and events in your life and how it is that they are serving your spiritual growth. This information brings you a new perception of the events in which you have lived to this point, allowing an energetic shift to take place. This information allows you to reach and live at your higher potential of life and in your personal power.

We may view past life events that have and are affecting you in this life. We may look at the path you are on, the messages and gifts it has brought you, and where to go from this point forward.

In our communications, I bring to you the awareness of the creator you are and how, in understanding this, you may move to your higher potential, creating at a quicker rate than you experienced before. My joy and gift is to bring you into your personal power – to bring you into the understanding of your Divine greatness. And to do this in the way that serves you the best.

Through the session, the communications will direct you to removing limited belief systems, words and actions that have held you in a place of powerlessness. This place of powerlessness may be experienced in feelings of inability, helplessness, lack in a variety of forms, feelings of imperfection, and many more of the lower vibrating emotions. The session will bring you into the information of raising your vibrational body and the vibrations of thought that that creates.

The session is to be a joyful and informative experience that comes from the very heart of life, bringing you back to the knowledge of the wonderful Child of the Universe that you are. This is also done in the way of harmony with the physical life you are living.

Information for healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies come in and, of course, answers for your day-to-day living in the physical world are answered.

Internal Dialog:

I assist people in hearing and identifying their internal dialogue – finding where it originated along with how it has been creating life experiences.

Spiritual Mentor:

  • Exercises, techniques and guidance channeled in to assist you in developing your natural abilities.
  • Medium-ship
  • Intuition
  • Emphatic Nature


In relationship readings, whether family, love or career, unless the other person/people are present, we may only look  into why you chose to have this person/people in your life. The session is not to change someone else, but to look at why you chose them to be in your life. and what is your agreement. Below are a few of the areas we will look at.

Family and Friends:

  • Why did you choose your family?
  • What lessons are to be learned?
  • How to interact more effectively with friends and family.
  • What is the big picture?
  • What are your past life connections and how do they affect you today?


  • What are you each bringing into the relationship?
  • Why did you choose each other?
  • What are your past life connections and how are the affecting you today?
  • How to resolve personality issues.
  • Living together without blame.
  • Each of you are mirrors for the other, what message is in the reflection?


  • You and your business. Does your business, as it is today, fit you?
  • Planning and strategies.
  • Marketing
  • Timing
  • What is influencing your business now?


  • Look into the emotional experiences of life and where they have lodged in the body, creating discomfort and disease.
  • Businesses are in fluid movement at all times.  A monthly rate may be set up to assist you with the questions as they arise. Please call or e-mail me to speak directly about your needs.
The sessions are not intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business. If you make choices that normally include consulting with a licensed professional, it is suggested that you continue to do so. You are a physical being and the nonphysical beings that enter during a session are not recognized by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are not issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice. For entertainment purposes only.