Thought Reversal

A reversal in thinking: We create with thoughts, beliefs, actions and words. We have been taught to believe in lack of abundance in what we believe are the positives of life such as love, finances and health. Can we change this with a reversal of thought? Simply put, yes we can.

When I was 16 I read these words. ‘Argue your limits and they are yours’. I felt the truth in these words yet, due to old beliefs and teachings I spent many years arguing my limits. When something positive came into my life the old programs argued strongly against what had come to me.   Too many times to count what had come in that was positive slipped quickly away.

I am happy to say, this is not something I do any longer. Or at least not to the extent I used to.

Suggestions of thoughts…..apply as you choose:

1. I believe in an abundance of love. I see and feel it everywhere I look. I show and tell people that I love them. I mean this as I say it.

2. I believe there is an abundance of clean air, water and land. I visualize this everywhere I look. I breathe freely the air. I drink easily the water. I walk happily upon the land. Life supports me.

3. I believe there is abundance of food, shelter and health for all. I witness person after person receiving what supports them in the highest possible way.

4. I believe there is financial prosperity for all. I accept this and witness as each person allows the flow of financial support into their life.
If you want to see where your beliefs lie, say these and other sentences like these. Pay attention to the thoughts that discount this as possible. Feel where the body is holding resistance to these type of sentences. Listen to the mind chatter that comes up that argues against these potentials.

We don’t change our world by holding onto the old belief systems. We change our world by changing what we have been told is the truth. We become willing to question what we have been told, we look past the illusions of life that have been created by the handing down of these beliefs. We acknowledge every change no matter how big or small that comes about by the changes in us.

Look past the illusion…be the creator you are here to be.  Create your world from the essence of the life you are.  That life is Love.