Walking the human path

Contemplative mood today.  Checking in with myself which is a good thing.  Is what I have attracted into my life supporting who I am?  Who I wish to be?  Is it riddled with the pitfalls of life before awareness?  Of course it is.  That is part of the process.  One more lesson on how to honor who I am and the life I choose to live.

Doing my best to look at all of this as honestly as possible.  I have to admit there is a struggle going on.  The ego-self ready to step into the game that protected the old wounds that have come with the life I have experienced.  That part of me that pulled in my emotions when I felt threatened, watched the moves of others, gauged my next action by what was said and done.  The warrior-self ready for the imagined battle.  A battle that is self-created.

The aware-self holding the space of love.  The aware-self that reminds me that I have choice.  That at any moment I can change the direction of my journey.  The aware-self that reminds me when I love who I am, that love is reflected back at me.  As I accept that reflection of love I am able to send light out into the world assisting other’s to love who they are and accept their perfection as they walk their human walk.

For me the key is allow myself the myriad of emotions I feel so, that I can understand where they began.   To sort through them without judgment.  Not to place blame on others.  Then allow life to flow forward.

What is your process?  What do you do to come to love and support yourself in each moment?  How do you bring yourself back to the point of self-love when you veer off course?   What an interesting journey this is.