What do I want to be? Why, I want to be me.

While speaking with a friend of mine today this little bit of information came up.

We are churning up the old energy. As it churns and rumbles through us we feel a bit as if there is no movement in our life. With this also comes a feeling of emotional disconnect. There may be a feeling of no drive to move or create, a lack of interest in much of our lives.

This is only the old falling away. It is necessary for this to happen. From a very early age many of us have been pushed forward to be something….to be someone….to do something. This is the time we are shedding the old skin. This is not so that we become stagnant and do nothing. This is so we can hear our inner self that has always been held safely in the deepest parts of us. This self knows what it is we came to do. What we came here to experience. What it is we are to contribute. This self knows to bring this forward into our lives, is to become quiet and allow.

Take this time of lack of motion to move from the outer layers to the inner essence of you. Listen to your inner self speak to you in the soft sweet voice that is filled with the wisdom of life. This is the time for you to become not what you have been told you are to be no, this is the time to find who it is you are.

For me, this means taking the time to allow myself to move through my process at the pace that is perfect for me. What do I want to be when I grow up? Who in the world said I want to grow up? What does that mean anyway? What do I want to be? Why of course….I want to be me.