What is it we do?

Add love created and posted on FB Jan. 2016Many times I am ask what it is I do. What I do is this, I practice loving and accepting myself unconditionally.   I do this to the best of my ability in the human walk that I walk. By that I mean there are times seeing my perfection is just as challenging as other’s seeing theirs. I remember that I am/we are all perfect no matter what we are reflecting or projecting at any given moment.  As I remember to love myself without conditions, I know I am loving all of life unconditionally.

I remember to change the reality that I live in, is to be very aware of the reality I believe in. I do my best to remember to support life rather than judge life. I do my best to remember everything adds to life. For me this does not mean that I will condone or participate in actions or experiences that feel uncomfortable to me. What it means is that I see these things and hold a vision past what I consider a fear based reality.

I share what I understand of life with others. I do my best to assist other’s in seeing the absolute beauty of life they are.  I bring in words along with energy that is supportive of each person I speak with reminding them  that not only is life magic, so are they.

So now I ask…..what is it that you do?