Yesterday I saw the Coyote

While Maureen (my friend and business partner) and I were driving to Inner Oasis where we were to work for the day a coyote appeared.  He drew our attention directly to him.  We both knew he held an important message for us.  As I drove Maureen looked up the meaning of coyote on her tablet.

The coyote message translated for us to mean to lighten up, not to take the movement through the shadows of our life to access our knowledge so seriously….instead allow the laughter and lightheartedness to be there too.

What a great reminder for all of us.  We choose the steps we take to our awareness.  it does not all have to be hard work.  We have the choice to free up allowing joy and laughter to present too.  As it was, our day even though filled with very important issues for the people we were with was a day of joy, information, laughter and of course heart opening love.