Your Life’s Roadmap

DSC_0102Dearest Children,
You chose this wonderful adventure you call life. In this adventure you chose many roads to take. The roads waver before you as you travel forward on them. You cannot see exactly where they lead or what will come onto your path. This is nothing to worry about….nothing to fear.

There are many times you feel as if you do not know the direction of your life. Why you are where you are or how you ended up there. This is false information created by the fear based reality of mankind.

As your personal life designer you have the ability to access the roadmap that lies inside of you. This map shows the direction you have chosen for your life. The map reveals the pivotal points, the optional side roads you could take along with landmarks that were set in place for your experiencing which brought you knowledge and information.

To access your internal map is only a matter of trusting that it exists. Take the time to breath deep, relax and move inside. Use your imagination to bring it to the surface of your conscious mind. Ask to see its beginning as you entered your world. Ask to see the details, the landmarks that assisted you in becoming you. Let your mind roam freely from the starting point, to the middle, then to the potential end.

As you do this you access your life’s Grand Design. You easily move yourself into the driver’s seat no longer feeling pulled or pushed through life. The helpless feeling will exist no longer within you. Life no longer feels dangerous or interrupted by roadblocks and obstacles.

Once you begin the process of consulting your internal road map you will make adjustments in the direction you are taking. You will find instead of continuously following the same road, traveling in circles you will choose to take another route. This will be of your choosing, not changing the course you have set for yourself. This is not the purpose of choosing the different route. The purpose is to allow yourself to take a new road that is easier and much more enjoyable.

We wish you well on your travels in life. We wish you love also. If at any time you feel as if you cannot read your road map we are here to assist you. You may think of us as your personal GPS system. Yes, Dearest Children many of us do enjoy humor……The Ancients