“To assist people in creating the life that empowers and supports who they are so that they may live their life filled with passion and joy.”

I am happy to include in the work I do, “Art with Intention” cherrydivinellc.etsy.com

There are many ways to describe what I do. Many call it conscious channeling. I call it communicating or spiritual translation. It is my joy and my passion. Through this channeling or communications I connect with a Higher Consciousness of Love which is vast and supportive of all life. These communications allow me to access ideas, knowledge and wisdom that serve to answer questions and give guidance. Through this connection come answers and energy that assist you in living the life of your choice.

With the information and energy received during the communications comes a lift in your energy body, opening you to new opportunities and reaching into areas of higher potential.

Earthy yet, out of this world

As  the voice of The Ancients, a Consciousness of Love, in a very down to earth way, Cherry shares the messages and guidance that supports each person on their journey of personal understanding, awareness and love that is known as the Spiritual Walk.

Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon attributes to Cherry’s signature style of sharing the information and life tools that assist people in re-creating the lives they are living. With her down home manner she assists people from all walks of life in loving who they are, realizing their full potential and sharing this with the world.

Unaware of her empathetic and intuitive nature earlier in her life, she has personally experienced the confusion, self-doubt and upset others are going through at this time and the freedom self-realization, self-awareness and self-love bring.

It is with compassion she assist people in identifying emotional trauma, out dated life translations passed down from one generation to the other, along with other energetic roadblocks that have kept the individual from accessing their soul essence. With love she supports each individual reclaim their soul light, allowing this eternal light to shine it’s brilliance on the path of the Earthly Walk.

In a very relatable way, Cherry reminds everyone of the beauty and magic they are. Also gently pointing out that we all move faster on the Spiritual Journey when it is done with love, joy and laughter.

Who are Cherry’s clients?

There is no one type of personality, life style, or income level that is drawn to the work Cherry does. Her clients range from professionals to craftsman, housewives to therapist, teachers to psychics. The age range is from fifteen to ninety-five and includes men and women.

Whether the person is a novice on their spiritual path or one who has been walking the path of self-awareness for many years, Cherry’s work supports and guides each person. No matter where the individual is, the messages of wisdom assist in bringing the client to identifying what has held them back, acknowledge the lesson in it, release the energy that binds them, along with creating a space that allows them to move into self-empowered, loving and expanded lives.

What do each of the people have in common? They are questioning what they have believed, expanding their life understanding, ready for the next step in awareness that takes them to their full potential. With her unique style Cherry at times challenges the person to move out of their comfort level so they may stretch and grow. Her message is clear and that message is: No one has doing and life is not happening to you. Each person is the creator of their own reality. Change your thoughts, the direction of your energy, live with an open heart, take the reins in your life and create the life you deserve. That is a life of love and joy. A life that supports who you are.